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Mystery metal...yet again

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  • Mystery metal...yet again

    My scrap guy brought this by the other day.

    I think it's a drill rod of some sort. The threaded end is approx 2 1/4" dia. and the remainder is 2" dia. It was about 10 ft long but has been cut off to 9ft. Anyone have any idea what this metal would be? Thanks.
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    I think its one of those struts they put in old houses and buildings to keep walls from bowing out .
    there would be a large flat plate on the threaded end.
    cant tell what metal though ..probably iron.
    or they were tie-rods like so :-

    all the best..mark

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      Spark test it

      There also a hammer test that if done with sensitivity will give you a rough idea of malleability and strength.

      Mystery metal, unless you can identify it with some degree of reliability is usually not worth the trouble and should never be used for anything requireing confidence or where life and limb may be threatened by part failure.

      That said, I think your truss rod might be a medium carbon steel and it probably came from a wooden truss like in a bridge, trestle, stadium, or a long span roof. These were made to orderat the mill where bar stock was cut to length with an allowance, the ends upset, and the threads cut in what amounded to a process line. This design offered reliable threaded connections because the larger thread diameter ensured lower stress that the body of the rod.


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        I'll bet you guys are right. It just dawned on me, these probably came from the large mine and smelter operation in Kimberley, BC that they are demolishing. I remember working in lots of their large buildings and they where full of tie rods. A spark test did show that it is most likely mild steel. With steel prices as high as they are right now some of this scrap is now worth looking at. Thankyou!
        I have tools I don't even know I own...