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Need an oil gun for old Bridgeport w/Zerk oil fittings.

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  • Need an oil gun for old Bridgeport w/Zerk oil fittings.

    Does anyone know where I can get a high pressure oil gun that will work on the oil fittings/nipples that are on the older bridgeport mills (To oil the ways)? My current oil gun is on its last leg and I can't seem to find a replacement anyware.

    Even better would be a complete auto-oiler for a bridgeport mill if someone has a link to one of those too.


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    I have a Bijur oiling system on my Bridgeport. Make oiling easy. I have the one pictured, the pull handle is different though. I am happy with it.

    If they do not sell direct, I believe they can be purchased through MSC and/or McMaster Carr.

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      I modified a lever type grease gun for my Myford.

      Basically,it was just a matter of removing the big spring and sealing the bottom of the body with the rubber washer turned round.Details in this link.



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        3 Phase:

        I bought an older Bridgeport with zerk fittings that had always been greased. Converted it over to way oil.

        Used an old push type grease gun (4 oz?). Simply cleaned it out and refilled with way oil. Purged the grease out of the Bridgeport with the oil and have not had any problems. I think you will find that most any grease gun will work on oil.



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          Alemite still sells oil guns. I think you can get them from McMaster-Carr. Expensive though, about $100.



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            I just bought mcmaster's smaller one, it did the job fine and ran me about $58. They also carry way lube for about $9/gal.

            -Christian D. Sokolowski


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              I bought an oil gun from Click on lubrication equipment and look under the grease guns. I am not certain of what you need but they are very helpful-Jerald

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                I had been looking for an oilgun for my Harrison Lathe without much success. Finally I found a solution at the 'Chain Saw Store'. Stihl makes a nice little push type oil/grease gun for about $12 CDN. It works great. Maybe it will fit 'Brdgeports' too.



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                  Allan Waterfall said:

                  *I modified a lever type grease gun for my myford*

                  I did the same thing for some friends BPT since they didn't have a single point oiling system installed.....Used an old extra gun I had around, and it took about 4 hours of work to convert.....Works great.....