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  • Cup wheel grinding

    I have a Darex T&C grinder with a cup wheel, for which I'd like to make some jigs for grinding wood planer knives. But I've never used a cup wheel, nor even seen one in use.
    My question is what part of the wheel is supposed to be used, and what part(s) should be avoided. I'm aware of the perils presented by a fragmenting wheel flying around at 4000rpm, and would just as soon avoid that if possible. Can any part of that outer rim be used? What about the rest of the outer cone? (For that matter, what about the inner cone?)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    Basically, you use the outer rim or lip of the cup. Set the wheelhead at a slight angle, and dress the rim. That way, you can grind something longer than the diameter of the cup without hitting the other edge.
    Jim H.


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      If you angle it the right way you should be able to get the slight hollow ground profile on your knives that is desirable. I would then hone them with a 1000x or 8000x water stone, or use Fine (1000x) SiC Mylar backed PSA sheets on a sheet of glass. (Lee Valley Tools sells them, 3M makes it)

      Lee Valley also has a manual system to sharpen large planer knives that works very well - it has a guide to hold the blades at a consistant angle.


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