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    I have a surface and OD grinder. I have been using norton white wheels, 3/4X7 80 grit with a hrdness of K. I use them dry with light cuts and done ok on cold roll, hot roll, drill rod and a little D-2. Is there a better alternative any one has found for my type of application and is there a cheaper wheel that works ok? I want to stay away from the coolant due to the smell and mess. I don't do a lot of grinding. The norton wheels are too expensive to purchase just for experimentation.

    Thanks for the help once again.


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    When I was grinding for a company years ago, we went to Radiac grinding wheels. They wore a little quicker, but where a 1/4 of the cost of Norton. We stayed with norton for grinding exotic metals, but from Aluminum to brass to drill rod to 4140 & c1018 the Radiac wheels did real well. That company still uses them today.


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      What grit and harness would you recomend?


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        If you are looking for a good wheel the Norton SG wheels are top notch, but more thatn the white ones. An alternate is the ruby wheels which are pretty good on tool steels but suck on soft stuff. CBN are best for hard steel, but you can't use them for any steel softer than about 40 C and they are useless for carbide.


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