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What grinding wheels?

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  • What grinding wheels?

    Hi Guys,

    I have another novice question!

    What is a good type/quality grinding wheel to use on a 6" benchtop grinder to sharpen and make lathe tools?

    The Sears grinder I currently use has the original aluminum oxide wheels that seem to load up extremely quick forcing me to continuously dress the wheels.

    Thanks again for all of your advice!

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    Personally, I use silicon carbide "green" wheels for everything. They're designed for grinding carbide and are not recommended for steel, but I like the way they perform. They do wear pretty quickly, but for the amount I use them it's not a problem. I find they don't glaze, at all, and tend to run cooler than other wheels I've tried.

    Incidentally, while they can grind carbide, for a REALLY good edge on carbide you need a diamond wheel.
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      If you're sharpening HSS I like this grinding wheel that is made by Norton. It is specifically used for for grinding HSS.

      It's made from sharp, friable, white aluminum oxide abrasive grain in a soft bond. As Norton states: "These wheels grind cool and produce a BURN FREE finish." They are available in extra fine(150), fine(100) and medium(60) grits. These wheels can be used dry, with water, or with oil.

      I have been using the "Grey" aluminum oxide wheels and have trouble burning the bits even though I dress the wheel between each sharpening and dip the bit in water to keep it cool. But with the above "White" wheel no burn problems, no matter how hard I push the bit to the wheel. They work great!

      I got this wheel at Home Depot.


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        T Long:
        The very best wheel for grinding HSS is without doubt CBN. The next best is Norton SG, then friable Norton white wheels. Most of the wheels supplied on grindes are absolute crap - handy for rough grinding lawnmower blades - or nails.

        I use SiC for non-metallics, stainless, refractory metals, and carbide. I use points, discs, belts, and stones/wheels.


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