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12x36, Absolute Minimum Tooling for First Lathe.

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  • 12x36, Absolute Minimum Tooling for First Lathe.

    When I get my new 12x36 in the next few weeks, ((I've got about 1100.00 put together over the last couple weeks so far,)), what would be the absolute minimun tooling I should put together so I can just start doing the basic turning, facing,a little boring for starters and just practicing getting used to how a lathe works. Ive read Lindsey's, How to run a lathe,by south bend from cover to cover for the last month, in bed,on the comode, in my truck between jobs, on the ferry,eveywhere I had a little time on my hands. I think my wife finally knows a new member of the family is on the way . What tooling should I also pick up from Grizzly when I go to Bellingham and get our new baby. Thanks Everyone for bearing with us new parents,it must get old answering the same old questions.. Thanks Though.. WeldnFab........

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    Reading the how to run a lathe book, you should know what you need to run it. Get some blank HSS bits, and a grinder to grind them.


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      Assuming you are sarting from no tooling a'tall, and also mentioning items that may be included with the lathe:

      Tailstock live center.
      Tailstock drill chuck, 0-1/2" capacity at least.
      Four or five square HSS tool bits- for a 12", go with 1/2" square.
      Bench-type grinder to grind the above tools.
      Dial indicator and base (magnetic base is good, but you can get away with a chunk of bar stuck in the toolpost.)

      That'll get'cha started. The eventual list is endless, but with the above, you can do most basic work.

      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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        Get a lot of sleep now. When the new baby arrives you will be spending long late hours in the shop. Also lots of square and round hard things to make smaller.
        Plus safety glasses.

        GUNS Don't kill people
        Drivers using cell phones do.


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          Sheesh...I didn't know there was a minimum for tooling!
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            Hey Weldnfab,

            Welcome to the support group...I mean club. I will say this. Some of the following items really helped me when i started

            Shims for the tool bits. You have to have them on the lathe center.

            Indexable carbides. I know not cheap, but when you are leaning what the lathe can do, it is nice to be able to take one variable out of the equation

            Live Center

            Dial guage with magnetic stand

            SAFETY GLASSES. Always wear them. Remember that is a one or more horse power motor for cutting metal. PLZ becarefull

            Other than that..patience..Enjoy.

            Merry Christmas


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              Thanks for the input Everyone, I'm makin a list and cking it twice, HeHe...!!! Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Enco here I come Ready of not....


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                weldnfab...nice thing about this never have to sit on a big ol' fat wallet!
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  Im constantly finding tooling that I need but dont have.
                  Latest item for me is a 60 deg center finder guage, for threading on the lathe. I also find that a dial indicator with magnetic base and a carriage stop is essential items to have, atleast with making the axles for my steam locomotive, boring to a depth accurate to .001, etc.
                  You'll never stop buying tools, so my best advice is to just buy as you go.


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                    You definatly got that right Torker!


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                      If the lathe comes with a rocker tool post with forged tool holders budget some money for a quick-change toolpost. Even the cheapest one is likely to make your lathe experience about 500% more enjoyable.

                      Putting one on my old 10x24 was the single best investment in tooling that I made.



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                        aloris type wedge toolholder bxa for your lathe.
                        10 toolholders.
                        boring bars hss and carbide insert type
                        1/2" jacobs chuck
                        3/4" jacobs chuck
                        cnc type live center small point for facing clearance.
                        10" amd 16" long angle lathe file and blackboard chalk.
                        .001" mag base travel indicator
                        .0001" test indicator
                        thread triangles
                        screw pitch gauges
                        acme thread gauge
                        2 mighty mag's with indicators
                        a prescription for valium
                        hope this helps check e-bay for the best bang for your buck...jim


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                          Jim I think you forgot the smilies to indicate you were joking in listing your minimum tooling requierments.

                          Earlier lists are more reasonable to get started with the lathe.

                          I don't think anyone's mentioned center drills to drill holes to stick the centers into.


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                            well you could get started with a block of steel and use one tool. change it for another tool etc. then you get discouraged and wonder "why am i doing this?"
                            pretty much every thing on my list can be bought cheap at flea markets and e-bay. except the aloris type tool holder. all the other q/c toolholders can be bought for $20. or so each if you call them and buy a few you can get a break.
                            i stand by my post with no smilies...jim


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                              you need a fish and a steel rule.(fish= threading tool gauge)

                              and the machinery's handbook (any year)