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  • He's hooked

    It started with a drill press I found for my best friend. It was a bargain so he bought it. Then there was those dial indicators. Then he found an old logan lathe in a barn, that was begging to be cleaned up and sent to a new home.Then I showed him how to use change gears and cut a thread. Then there was those frequent trips to my house to mill things. Then I let him borrow a very old bench top vertical mill.

    I left my best friend yesterday after helping move a mill drill into his basement. Yes, a mill drill but it will be a long time before he needs something bigger and he got it new for a steel. His wife was smiling, and I got a nice lunch out of the deal.

    Oh yea, I showed him how to do basic code in CNC yesterday too. I think I've created a monster.

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    You wicked man

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      In my case it started when a friend of a friend needed some help fixing his woodworking machinery. Had him come over and I led him through the repair. Shortly he was having a need to fix something else and doing the work himself. Now I have a good friend with a woodworking shop and he has a good friend with a machine shop. Neither of has room for both, so we share equipment and knowledge.

      Remember -- If it has boobs (Use the "T" word here) Tires, floats or flies it is EXPENSIVE. So our addiction for machines is cheap and healthy.


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        John I'm sure you have a few monsters in your past too Some of my former students have the bug too. Stepside,
        As far as my buddy's shop goes, he has very little invested in cash. Lots of elbow grease cleaning old iron thou. The mill drill was a steal, in fact I may get another one to do a CNC conversion.



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          You are lucky his wife was smilling!


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            Matt, a steel, was it from HF?