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10" Delta table saw

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  • 10" Delta table saw

    I have a 60 year old 10" Delta table saw that has developed a mysterious problem. The blade spindle tends to walk out of the cast iron abor.
    Is there suposed to be a nut on the other end of the spindle to press against the outer bearing?
    Thanks for any info

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    We have the same saw and manual in the family but its 2 hours away I also have an early 80's (US made) model and it shows the following on the pulley end:

    bearing <--- outer race sleeve <--- nut <---pulley

    The purpose of the outer race "sleeve" is not at all obvious from the drawing.

    added - the "sleeve" may be to keep dust out and the nut appears (at least from the print) to contact only the inner race ... probably for preload ??

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      Look here for the owners manual/parts list for the saw,just type in the model/serial number-

      Most of those have the spindle assembled with the inner bearing,spacer,pulley,spacer,outer bearing,locknut in that order.The whole unit is locked into the arbor support by locking the inner bearing outer race into the casting with a brass spanner nut that seures the bearing against a shouler machined in the bearing bore.The outer bearing is allowed to float in it's bore to allow for expansion.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        After sleeping on the problem I decided that what ever fell off the arbor would be in the pile of saw dust in the bottom of the cabinet.
        Taking my handy magnetic part retriver and runing it through the saw dust, I found the nut , keyed spring bevel washer & a plain washer. Hopefully I can get every thing back together today. Thanks for the help.