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Roller Calculations.

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    As for the math wow how confusing. Audrey


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      My 90 ford shop truck got a altenator too. It was knocking like something was wrong with the motor, still charging.. just making a racket.

      I hate noises like that.

      Sometimes you just can't win. On the truck, look for "loose connections. They blow the electronics faster than a short. Anything that "arcs" creates a minature transformer to amplify voltages, to exceed base voltages on transistors and kill them.. Mostly RF thou and Mosfet electronics are mostly affected. A heavy EMF pulse can actually 'KILL" a modern car. A loose wire on a honda 750 used to make me crazy.. I finally found it. I blowed one bulb a day. I didn't have a car back then. ANy welding around a modern vehicle can kill it's electronics.



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        Sorry if I confused you. I cut the bottom off the page, you probably won't need to do it that way. I just spent about 2 hours this morning rechecking roll dimensions on a mold, so trust me, it does work. After a few dozen of these a day, the voices will tell you, you'll be just fine too!


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          David My old man just spent a couple of saturdays welding in a completely new floor in the evil ford. He did disconnect the battery prior to mig welding the floor, Could this of blown the Alternator,, Audrey