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It's nice to have a lathe...

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  • It's nice to have a lathe...

    Been down with the flu the past couple of days but I did piddle around in the shop some. I Worked on the old index head and needed a couple of funky little set screws so I figured I was stopped in my tracks. Remembered I HAVE A LATHE. Made some screws...
    Got to working on some drives for the mill and one of the armatures was corroded and scarred so I figured I needed to either scrap it or buy new parts. Remembered I HAVE A LATHE. Indicated it in and cleaned it up...
    It sure will be nice to have a mill

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    Sometimes it hits me like a brick "Duh, I can make that!"


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      Sometimes after spending half a day making something I could have bought for three dollars I go "duh" the Mexicans, chinese, vietmiase have lathes and thier time is not worth as much as mine. I could've bought it cheaper.

      HA.. yeah.. It's midnight and the programming is still going on. Yeah, scooter.. I don't think so.. I can't buy that the way I want it. I'd have to settle for something other than my ideal screw.

      Ever try to interpolate and linearize 3D cartisian rotary arm movements? Hmm.. I may need a nap soon. I can reproduce movements in stages, may settle for that. I am working on the Pour and lift software for the smelter. I plan on using what I have laying around, hardware and software made to fit. Right now I got a pile of junk. Maybe I can make a sows ear out of a silk purse.