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Remember our Troops...

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  • Remember our Troops...

    George Orwell said it well :
    "We sleep well in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm".
    Remember them as you have fun this Holiday season...

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    Amen Locksmith! So many of our men and women are serving in harm's way and, given the comfort of our individual worlds, we easily forget their services and sacrifices.

    May God protect and keep them all.

    John B

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    John B


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      Hear! Hear!


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        I offered to fly out and help bring the "Armour of America" into the twenty-first century. They are hand sewing (sewing machine) the soft armor that goes on the humvees.

        It is normal to see cnc sergers and stitchers running in the carpet mills. Mostly done with plc's not even real computers.

        Pulses input via bcd wheels and push buttons, simple, not even a display.

        One person loads materiel into several machines in the carpet mills.


        I feel for the soldiers, thier families who are without them to have Christmas with. I support our kids in Camo.
        I wrote the white house and labeled my concerns. is the site if you so wish to send a approving letter.

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