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  • OT : Snow!

    Wow last week i was at the skatepark riding my bike thinking that there would never be too much snow...

    ... but was i ever wrong.. we got about 30-40 cm of snow and this is just the beggining!

    I also heard that theres some pretty bad snow in the states too

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    Im getting rain right now, glad it aint white ****.


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      That s-n-o-w is a four letter word, be sure you keep it to yourself.
      David from jax

      Have gun, will travel.
      A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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        Wasn't sombody griping bout GLOBAL WARMING the other day...Keep your powder dry!!


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          Where I am at, the weather s&%ks, an hour east it's o.k. for this time of year.

          Many people in this area need to learn how to drive in bad weather, those with SUVs need to learn that what they have is an expensive skateboard when it comes to ice..


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            We only got about 8-10" up here. You gotta love those SUV owners. They think they are invincible. They are unless they have to make a change in direction or stop, then the fun begins. I would guess that 9 out of 10 vehicles you see in the ditch are 4WD.
            Jim H.


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              Watching news this PM, folks back east trying to drive or push their cars, no snow tires or chains, better if they stayed home.
              Some cos pushing on theirs, confused look, like "DUH, what's wrong?"


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                I find driving in the winter with 2wd, It's always the other guy that is going to cause me problems, If I can keep my momentum going, get up most hills. I really do enjoy winter driving, I try to get the car into spins just for the fun of it.
                What I hate is having to walk in it, falling down and getting hurt is the last thing I want to do.

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                  JC- Yup, 4WD just gets them further into the ditch!


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                    My favorite piece of winter driving video is the PROPANE tanker sliding sideways down the street in Memphis,Tenn.One 45ton truck and one city block of black ice and its was all over with.

                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      I love this weather personally.

                      Everybody freaks out...OH NO...SNOW!

                      We got four or five inches the other night. I got up in the morning, got in my small front wheel drive car and drove.

                      It is sometimes a pain to get out of the driveway, but a shovel takes care of that right quick.

                      I do find it necessary to use the E brake once in a while to turn...but for the most part, driving in snow is easy. Plus when wifes nieces are down they dont find their way to the garage as often...nothing I hate more than feaverishly shutting machinery down because a 4 year old snuck up behind me and wants to know what I'm doing.



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                        No snow. COLD here around Chicago about 3 degrees F, but for some reason southern Illinois had -4 deg F temps. Very unusual. It needs to be warmer to snow, humidity is around 20%.


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                          I have no snow now, 2 inches of rain took care of that. 50 degrees yesterday, 25 today.

                          Global warming is not the temperatures getting high for all days, it is a major shift in weather patterns. You can be too hot, or too cold, but the "temperate" effects are changed to an OVERALL warmer state by even just one to two degrees at a time. Each region has their old "historic norms". Last year in the Northeast, we had the coldest overall winter on record, preceded in 2003, the hottest summer on record. Fall was warmer, and spring warmer.

                          Not commenting on if I think this is happening. However - we should have snow on the ground according to average historical norms.

                          then again, I really hate those mornings of getting out and running the snow blower, so i am not really complaining.

                          CCBW, MAH


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                            Hey I'm one of those maniacs with a 4x4! LOL Actually, I like to go out late at night when it's snowing and find some country roads to play on, been doing it since I was in highschool. I always bring a rope in case I or someone else is stuck, these last few days I've pulled 7 people who where stuck. We got freezing rain the other night to go with the 8-10" of snow from the day before, everything turned to slush and then froze over last night leaving ruts so deep a lot of cars where just bottoming out.

                            -Christian D. Sokolowski


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                              The difference between two wheel drive and four wheel drive is $400 and 200 feet. Having driven my two wheel drive pick up all over the Upper Pennensula of Michigan and gotten stuck in a few two tracks. The standard fee for a tow is $100.00 as long as you are no more than two hundred feet from where the tow truck can get to. Thats all the wire rope they have. After that, it's contracting for a log skidder and if they,re busy it may take a couple of days. Their standard fee is $500.00 no matter how deep in woods you're stuck.
                              The moral to this story is; don;t drive any deeper into the woods than you can afford to be pulled out.