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    I am about to start building a model 9 cylinder radial engine after plans from "Ageless Engines". I will appreciate thoughts from anyone about this project.

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    I'm interested in either doing one of theirs or perhaps my own design. Let us know how the process goes and more importantly the requirements as far as fixturing and such for the jugs and heads. A friend from work is currently doing a 7 cylinder that was in Strictly IC and a lot of the work dpends on carefull set-ups and fixturing to obtain repeatability in the parts. One thing I do know you will need to obtain is some low temperature melting point alloy for bending the intake and exhaust tubing. For the life of me I can not think of the name of the stuff right now. Take lots of pictures and don't be afraid to post 'em

    In March a new magazine geared towards the scale IC builder is set to go on sale. Finally something to fill the gap let by the demise of Strictly IC

    There is also a Yahoo groupd dedicated to the building og scale radial and rotary piston engines
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      Cerrobend is the alloy for bending tubing. Mc Master Carr #8921K12. Melting point is 158*F.

      The Cerro alloys are interesting, and can be quite useful in the home shop for fixturing, measuring things like chambers and trying out mold patterns.

      I had a visit last week from a gentleman who is about six months into the Ageless Engines 9 cylinder radial engine. He is 85 years old.
      Jim H.


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        How might I get in touch with the 85 year old gentleman?


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          I saw the Cerroloy (158) on sale at either MSC or Enco for 35 bucks a pound..
          sounds pricey if you have never ussed it, but it is great stuff. And it can be used over and over again

          What cheaper is Cerro-Bend, which I think is 217 or 235 degrees, and made for bending specifically
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            Woods Metal From pharmasudical suppliers. I would cast a coffee spoon from this material make a mate a coffee have him stir it with this spoon and it would dissolve the spoon clean off leaving him holding the handle only HaHa. Then usually rude comments regarding my java would come out.


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              .........Cerro-Safe melts at less then the boiling point for water and costs about $8/lb. I don't know how it compares to Cerro-Bend for bending though.

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                ralphe, I am afraid I have no contact information for the gentleman. He and his kid (75 yrs.) brother stopped by to look at a honing head I had on eBay with thoughts uf using it to hone the cylinders. Someone else won it.

                He did say that he has been in contact with Ageless Engnes by phone. You might try calling them and seeing if they can put in touch with someone in your area building the engine.

                Go to and go to page # 3358 to find information on Cerro alloys. Prices are $25-$30/lb. range, but it is reuseable. Very handy stuff to have.
                Jim H.