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    Speedbore,only thing we ever called'm.Assuming it comes from Irwin.They may not have invented the concept but they flooded the market with'm after WWII.

    Slow feed and fast feed augers were very much popular pre elect. drillmotor.I grew up fetchin either a slow or fast workin for my dad using one of his braces.They still work better(slow feed auger and brace) for certain things than more modern approaches.If ya'll happen to run across an old Greenlee or Irwin slowfeed set,grab'm.


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      Nothing like using a self feeding auger bit when doing house wiring in new construction or remodeling. Forstner bits are great for nicely formed precision holes woodworking/furniture making projects. Just made my wife a Hall tree and used a forstner to counterbore the bottom to hold a fender washer and lag screw. I rarely use paddle/spade bits anymore as unless you take the time to back up the board you are drilling they tend to split out on through holes.

      I think this topic should now lead into the question of whatdaya call a: Adjustable wrenches/Crescent wrenches/and fitsall wrenches?


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        crescent,bahco,(both trade names),and if you're a more basic linguist,nut f#&^*r."D.


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          Yeah,nut f*****.

          Funny,some folks end up in therapy cause of this or that Fruedian complex.My phobias are largely based on childhood lessons from Dad,brother,reletives.One problem that I deal with every once in a while is how a hand plane should be laid down.For years(over 20 I know)if someone would touch one of our handplanes it would start.Getting all sweaty just thinking they may lay it down on its working surface.It still bothers me but am coping.Next is door removal,a door is "hung" by its top hinge.To remove or replace a door it is necessarry that this hanging theory is understood.Am learning to deal with others not knowing and calmly explaining.Next is the nut f***** wrench.We were taught(wrongly)that they were some sort of evil device that's only purpose was to ruin a nut/bolt.That we were to use a properly fitted wrench.preferably a box end.Like people in therapy,I've had to come to terms with alot of early lessons.


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            Another good source for drills (of various types) is the W. L. Fuller Co., I have a set of tapered drills with countersinks, used mostly for boatbuilding; they are excellent.

            Forstner bits are great, but I've had trouble finding anyone around here who can sharpen them. Any suggestions?


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              I sharpenmine with a Dremel and a fine rock.I just clamp the bit in a vice and go at it free hand.Its easier than you might think.

              Oh,for a tip the 1" round dremel cutoff wheels,the thicker ones work best for the bottom edges of the Forstners while the sides can be done with just a small 3/8" cylindrical stone.

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              I just need one more tool,just one!