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    MSC has 2" and 3" import boring heads on sale for about half price in their December Metalworking flyer (page 59). Does anyone have experience with these items and/or a recommendation?


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    If they are similar to all of the other imported boring heads I have seen they are a copy of the Chriterion design. They work not as smoothly as the Chri's do but if they are sold with a set of carbide boring bars they most likely aren't worth spit. The average HSMer can't get a good enough edge on brazed carbide tools unless he has a diamond wheel.
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      I bought the 3" Boring Head with 3/4" Boring bars package from Grizzly for $89 or so. I'm not impressed at all. I would return it, but Grizzly makes you more upset after talking to them than you already are with their products so I'm better off just writing it off. Stay away from Grizzly.

      I'm now in the market for a nicer high quality boring head.. The "high precision" boring head from Enco is around $300~. Does anyone have any experience with it?

      Also, Enco sells some Cobolt boring bars -- has anyone used them?



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        I got the 2" Travers Tool Co. "quality import" boring head several years ago and have had no complaints with it at all. It's certainly been good enough for anything I've ever done. I don't know if the MSC boring head is equivalent, but I wouldn't be surprised.

        Oh -- get the shank to fit your mill spindle, not a straight shank to fit a collet. I tried a straight shank originally, but it's not rigid enough.
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          For $300, you can find a nice used Wohlhaupter - try That's not far short of what I paid for an immaculate boxed UPA5/S6 with all the original bits.

          Now they really *are* nice boring heads...

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            Or Kaiser,
            These are just as nice as the Wohlhaupter but because they insist on using their own taper they go for a fraction of the price.
            Some tapes are detachable or you have to make an adaptor taper as the originals are hard to get.
            An adaptor isn't rocket science and you get a chance to get one to fit two or three different machines.

            I picked a small one off Ebay for about $20 because of this taper problem.
            Turned a blank R8 up to fit in and an hour later had a class boring head graduated in tenths of a thou.

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              I gave less than $45 for my criterion off ebay. I had to turn the shank down. It was a 1 1/4 shank, a 7/8" fine thread at the top. After I got it turned down to match my cnc collet holder I was tickled.

              I suggest you try and bid till you "win" one during the day during the week. Sneak, don't tell a soul till it is "won" or a good buddy will help you out buy winning it for you.

              Beware of the cheap copies, they chatter. A good tight boring head is worth the bucks. The more you use them the more you should spend. Wolhaupter they say (spelling) is the best, most expensive.



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                I HAVE THE Narex boring heads not bad lots of dough though.


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                  Thank you all for the input!



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                    Bridgeport heads show up on Ebay all the time,they are good,I got a #3,R-8 shank,boring bars and sheetmetal box included like new for $109,can't beat it with a big stick.
                    I just need one more tool,just one!