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What gives on e bay?

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  • What gives on e bay?

    I am fairly new to e bay but have started to notice some strange things. For the third time in a week items I have been interested in just disappeared. I had been following 3 lathe items that I intended to bid on tomorrow, the last day of bidding, but when I logged on today they were gone! What gives? I'm beginning to think e bay is a waste of my time.

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    There's a few reasons that could occur.

    1. Sold with Buy It Now.
    2. Seller ended the auction early.
    3. Item did not meet ebay's listing rules.


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      When you find a item that you what to bid on at a later time... just click on (Track this item in My Ebay). That will let you see what happen even after the item sells.

      Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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        Tim, that doesn't work in the case of number 3. If the item is deleted by ebay, it doesn't show up anywhere. It's gone forever.

        I was watching some items once. Then decided to report the seller on Paypal policy rules. Went to look at them again and they were GONE. No sign of them--even on "My Ebay". Checked using the item number and the usual "does not exsist" comes back.


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          hey cheechako i was gonna bet on the same lathe as you i think


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            I do a bit of ebay'ing myself. I've found if an item has no bid on it and it's getting close to the end, that means someone could get it for a steal because enough people aren't likely to see it in the time left so the guy pulls it. Once a bid is placed they cannot pull it. So, if you are really interested in it, put a cheap bid on it to anchor it to auction. Then, go to and have it bid for you at 5 or 6 seconds before auction close. The first two weeks of esnipe is free and It allows you to have bid folders. For instance, I could bid on 5 differant lathes and once I win one of the auctions it will cancel all the rest in that group/folder!

            Anything I want I bid on light, and then place an bid and I've been real lucky with it.

            hope this helps....
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              hey tnx! i really gotta check esnipe out, my internet refreshes pretty slowly so i can actually win a bid with that thing!


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                Not really. Just because you snipe doesn't mean you're going to win. Your bid MUST be the highest bid to win. Simple as that!


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                  The seller can pull the auction even if it does have bids. He does have to notify the high bidder.

                  I have pulled a couple of auctions for one reason or another, and had people complain because they were waiting to snipe them. Gave me a chuckle. I do not often do this if an item has bids, but things happen.
                  Jim H.


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                    I have ended items early, reposted them at more money and sold them. Raise the price so you can discount them? I have had some problems with people cursing the cost of shipping and wanting to negociate shipping. I just about have quit at the moment.

                    Just another ruse to use. Act like you don't want to sell and raise the price.