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    .......I bought a HF 8" grinder about 3 years ago with a flexible light and on sale for $39. The toolposts were flimsy POS things that I quickly replaced. However, bought on price only it comes to speed very fast and has excellent bearings. I've not timed how long it takes to stop, but it's a LONG time.

    I just bought another of the same on sale for $39 (no light) to fabricate an X-Y tilting table for lathe bit grinding. This one too wound up fast, runs very quietly and takes several minutes to smoothly come to a stop. Seems to be every bit the equal of my dad's 20 some year old cast iron Craftsman.

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      I have one of the HF 6" supposedly 1/2 HP grinders. Takes about 30 seconds to high speed, if you can call what it gets to high speed. If I had the courage I could stall it with my finger. Not sure if it has a problem or thats the way it is. I would portray it as a POS. If I had the scratch I would go Baldor, there appears to be some truth in their advertising.


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        Hey ringer thats exactly what i need to get (once i get a lathe of course)


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          Yea Elninio I recken it's fantastic. Heaps more versatile than a plain bench grinder.

          Did something I shouldn't have with it yesterday. Was making the ball turning tool and had a piece of 65mm round about 45mm long. I had turned it down a bit to clean it up and centre drilled both ends.

          I thought why not grind the outside to a nice polish. So I started the multitool up grabbed two centre drills put them in either end and stuck it on the multitool to start getting a nice smooth finish.

          Well it sorta sped up and up and up very quickly so i pulled it off. It musta taken 20-30 seconds to stop spinning. Interestingly when it was spinning fast it would not move around at all.Gyroscopic effect i suppose

          There really was no danger to me as had i dropped it it would have sped off away from me, very fast no doubt.

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