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  • Ground them myself.(pics)

    For years I have been using the local saw shapening service,lately though the job they have been doing on my jointer and planer knives has been poor.So I whipped up a little jig so I could do my own jointer knives on the surface grinder.

    The shapening service's knife grinder is worn out,particularly the ways.I offered to rebuild the machine for them for free if only to get a better job from them,but they wouldn't hear of it.

    I made the jig out of 1-1/8" hex bar,since the b-port head wouldn't tilt past 45* and I needed 50.I stuck the hex in with one flat down and tilted the head 10* then made the cut.Drlled and tapped a few 5-16-18 holes and bent up a few flat washers to use as clamps.

    The results show just how bad the old machine is worn,I cleaned up a 1/32" taper from side to side and several dips and waves,plus a final pass with a 320 grit wheel got them much sharper.Now all I need to do is build a grinder for my 18 and 36" planers
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Nice job, man I need a surface grinder.


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      Excellent Darin. I just shipped all of my knives over to you. You CAN have them back by Friday, right?
      Location: North Central Texas


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        Sure!$49.95 per inch
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Hey Darin,
          Camera's down at the moment, can't find the battery pack charger but when it re-appears I'll post a pic of a simialr jig that I think you will like.
          At least it will put the sales of S/H surface grinders up a bit.
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