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Looking for small hand drill

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  • Looking for small hand drill

    I need a hand drill for working with the samller numbered drills. I need to do this by hand, I have already do this with a opin vise and a drill bit, but a little hand crank drill would be much nicer.

    An yone have a source for such a drill?



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    Cant you just chuck the pin vice in a battery drill ?


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      Here is a wild idea, how about a taping station?
      Used as a drill you should have very good control.
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        Stanley Tools has a small hand drill, Lee Valley tools carries one also. Lee Valleys looks a little different than the standard versions.


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          I've got a small old hand drill. It also has a lever that allows you to downfeed. It was made in Germany, IIRC. It was supposed to be mounded on a rod-stand. (Which I don't have.) Otherwise, you need three hands to work it.

          I'll check the minimum bit size tomorrow and scan a pic. If it's what you need, make me a trade offer of little consequence.


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            The early part of the 20th century saw a number of small manual drills that could be clamped to a work bench and with automatic feed feature. Yankee Tool Model 1003, single speed, and Model 1005, dual speed, come to mind. There were many others. Check out:


            Neil Peters
            Neil Peters

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              How about a variable speed Dremel tool? Just bush the drill bit to fit the chuck. They're light enough to easily manage.
              Ed Pacenka


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                That's quite a bit larger than the one I have. This one is maybe 6" total length. The rod hole on the back is about 7/16".