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  • D'OH!

    During my leave of absence, the IT guys brought me a new computer. Unfortunately, none of the files were transferred onto my new one, and I no record of addresses for those whose tips made the final cut into the Tipsbook (which, although delayed, will start shipping very soon). We want to start shipping it out by the end of '04, so I'm hoping I can get those addresses. Here's a list of the people in the book:

    John Stevenson
    George Ewen
    Mark Peterson
    Eddie Whelan
    Frank Ford
    Rick Tunell
    Doc Nickel
    Michael Coles-Webb
    Evan Williams
    Joel Schmieg
    Bill Britton and Bill Hargrove
    Dave Opincarne
    George Glines
    James Hannum
    Allan Waterfall
    Doug Shaw
    Darryl Heinrich
    Junior Strasil
    John Bonner
    David Neuhaus
    Paul Alciatore
    Paul Gauthier
    Dan Backes
    Errol Borsky
    Matt Slousher
    Alistair Hosie
    Lee Styron

    My email is [email protected]. The line to kick my butt starts here.

    Craig F

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    Aka avid Cofer..

    Who's kickin butt?


    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

    I think I might have cleaned up the photos on my photobucket? do you have valid pictures?

    I have changed ISP's too.. what a mess. At least with most the photo's on photobucket it was mostly a cut and paste for my webpage.



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      Where’s your old computer? If they just deleted your files & didn’t reformat your drive the files can be recovered!
      Ed Pacenka


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        heck, its been so long I plum forgot what tip I submitted.
        Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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          Craig, email sent regarding this.

          John B
          John B


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            Good Morning

            Its a beautiful Michigan morning. No snow and the temp is up to the 30's. We can't ask for much more. Thanks for all the addresses that have been sent so far. I recall saving them to our network at some point so Neil would have it after I left, but I have been unable to locate the document. Live and Learn

            Thanks again