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Trolley-Rail-monorail in my shop

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  • Trolley-Rail-monorail in my shop

    WHOO HOO.. it works. I put a 16 foot piece up over my smelter area to move things in.out.

    I am putting the next piece of rail up between the H-punch press and the Doorway coming into the shop. I'll ring the door with a support and hang it from the top of the Ibeam in the main shop area. I can swing my 317lbs on the one in the smelter area and ride end to end. It should hold a car engine or whatever I want to suspend. The old 54 is sitting right there in the way, again.

    I need several light duty chain hoists now. I have been satisfied with the CHINESE HF ones so far.. I have had a ton hanging from it on the Ibeam.

    I am confused on how to build the bridge crane for my mill thou. AND still use the trolley track as intended.. It will give me a place to hang the more solid further reaching monitor-keyboard mount on thou. Should I extend it to a aframe or foot and leave it up against the wall? A swivel? Or make a lifting eye only? The solid eye on the mill moves in and out when I have to set up some of the strange items I have on the table. I have shelves around the room so a typical Aframe is out.

    ANYbody got a plan? a picture? Suggestions welcome. (Ah'm drinking hot cocoa now, been outside in the 40's air most day)

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    David, A shot of Bailey's Irish Cream makes the hot chocolate lip smackin' good.........

    Tim in Oregon
    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
    Oregon, USA


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      look at any butcher shop for good ideas, some have a real back saving set ups(and some nice steaks)

      the butcher I use has very nice system a little guy could unload a whole beef easy.


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        Have the bridge crane carry a short piece of i beam that at a point that you can control allows you to tranfer the load from your "monorail" to the bridge crane and back off. If possible you might be better off setting everry thing up under a bridge crane rather than a single rail hist system anyways. Much more versitile. Of course I'm sitting here and I would not be the one doing all the work to move everything in the shop around
        Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.