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  • Crazy Weather?

    It was too cold to go out in my shop beginning of the week.

    Today I was working outside in my shirt sleeves. Moving the air compressor, I split my thumb out from the joint down and shaved about 1/4" off the side of the nail, made me sick. On the bright note thou, my gloves are unmarked, I had them in my rear pocket.

    Somebody who built that air compressor saved the company some time by not deburring the channel the motor.compressor mounts on. (where I had it grabbed and lifted)
    Now I am sitting here sweating inside the house wishing I had not removed the ac.. I'd turn it on.
    It's mid-high sixties here. Whoo.. beer drinking weather again.


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    Hell, it's always beer drinking weather!
    In fact I like it better in winter. ...when you can just bury it in the snow and get it to that perfect temperature.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Least your gloves were protecting your butt.

      I just hate it when I bugger my Thumbs, can't do anything for days except pick at things with my good fingers.

      Tom M.


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        It was somewhere in the 50s here near Chicago. Gonna be mild for the rest of the week. Only two and a half months till there's good weather(not freezing my cahones off)

        Dave. You can quit lookin' I got a bunch of dimensions from a friend of mine and he's gonna finance the whole experiment. Thanks though. I emailed you but I don't think you got it.


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          Probably not. Sometimes the MSN filter works a little too well. I get about 20 spams a day through it thou. If I post or use my ISP address it gets to slowing my browser down. Just configuring the email is enough to give it out to the world. Damn spambots.

          I am just about where I can do some work again in my shop. I put enough of the seldom used items outside where I have room in my shop again. I cut some press dies out yesterday. You need some fenders? I am gonna make a few hundred on the punch press. It'll take a while to tune the dies in.

          I have 2k in casting items. A Possum made himself a nest right in the middle of my synthetic clay. Ruined it all. Rat mess and garbage mixed in. I need it now too and money is tight. It is time for me to take a electricians job for three or four months. I saw that and it ticked me off, I dragged that 500 pounds of table, blower, Sand mueller outside in about a minute.



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            well boys...i broke down and couldnt' take the cold anymore...goin' to egypt for a 6 week job on tuesday...might drag to 8 wks who knows, at least it'll get me over the "winter hump".... Need the ca$h at any rate but with the temps we've been having here not being able to putter around the shop has really been "gettin' me down"....

            take care and if i've got 'net access I'll be checkin' in!!



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              Good luck Chris.
              David stick your thumb in your mouth and you will not hurt it, unless you hit your chin.
              Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.