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  • Parallel Holders

    I would like to make a set of holders to keep the parallels against the vise jaws. I have attached a link to ones that MSC sells, but I'm a bit too stubborn to pay $35.00 for something I can probably make from the scrap pile. Anyone made their own, and have any pointers on where and how to place the springs. Thanks.
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    I've just used coil springs a number of times. Luckily, I worked in a shop that used alot of springs so I was able to "liberate" a few from the box of forgotten trial pieces. I've also used banding iron bent into a "V" shape, but that hasn't worked too well.

    I've used the ones you have linked and they work pretty well. I never gave much thought to making a set, but they shouldn't be bad. I'm thinking that they use extension springs inside the sleeves because they close all the way to zero. You can get telescoping tubing from the local hobbyshop. There's probably a slot in the inside tube where the spring attaches to the outside tube. I never took it apart.

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      I just shove a piece of Styrofoam between them.
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        I use rubber bands at work , they work great and dont get in the way


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          Picking up on Andy's idea with the strapping material, maybe a diamond shape (2-"V's") might do the job well enough.



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            I have used rubber bands, now I am think about trying some of these suggestions.

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              I just stick the parallels to the vise jaws with a drop of cutting oil.

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                I also use the banding straps..I just cut off a long piece and just bend the thing in all kind of angles until it fits between the parrallels..It always works perfect for me..It doesn't look pretty, but its very effective.



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                  How about using magentic strips or magentic chuck jaws?



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                    I've used every thing from coil springs to a dab of grease between the parallels and the jaw. Depends on the situation. If I am shooting holes I really don't like the idea of anything in the void between the parallels. Never have tried the rubber bands though
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                      The one bad thing about the rubber band is every once in awhile they break and shoot you. It usuallys happens when your deep in concentration and turning handles, it usually scares the bejezzus out of me because I am not expecting it.


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                        the spring off harley oil filters. they are wound is such a way as to collaspe down to the thickness of the coil about 1/16" a little tall but you can stick them down in the gap of the vise...jim


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                          I never liked those parallel holders. I've found in multiple part jobs it's easy for little chips and debris to work their way under the movable jaw parallel with each part change and raise it up throwing off work parallelism. The gadget makes it a PITA to take out the parallels and clean/wipe down the parallels and the vice references between part changes.

                          I made one years ago and used it for a while, screwed up a few parts, and never used it again. I gave it to my boss. He was thrilled: free stuff.


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                            I usually just use a piece of styrofoam between the parallels to hold them against the jaws.

                            If you srill a hole in the styrofoam, so what ?

                            Foam is cheap (free), works, and easy to cut to the proper size.


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                              Degrease and super glue them with a couple drops on each end,when your finished just tap with a brass hammer and scrape off the residue with a razor blade scraper.

                              I have also used double faced tape with good results.

                              I just need one more tool,just one!