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    Anyone know how much quality difference there is if any, between the J&L's Parlec brand of ER collets and Enco's ETM brand. Runout specs, etc.
    Thanks for any help

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    I don't know about ETM brand, but Parlec is all we'd use in the Aerospace jobshop I apprenticed at. I like them second only to Command Corp stuff and they are pricey!


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      ETM is a good quality collet. Thay are sold by many toolhouses, not just ENCO. Travers lists them as having concentricity of 0.0004" at 2" from collet line, same as Parlec. I would say they are comparable to Parlec and a couple of dollars cheaper.
      Jim H.


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        I have an ETM ER-25 set and they are about the same specs as Parlec, 0.0004" runout on the standard series.

        Stay away from Bison. I had to return a set because they would not mate properly with two quality brands of nuts. Runout was hit or miss on them also. Something was wrong in the geometry of the collet "nose" although I couldn't readily measure what it was. The ETM set fit both nuts like a glove, ending the debate raging in my mind as to where the problem was.