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Using latex/nitrile gloves while machining

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    No gloves allowed in my shop at my school - period. The latex / nitrile gloves may stretch and brek, thus be safe in this wy, but the factor of surprise ie in effect here. The glove gets snagged, and the hand nautrally follows for a second until the mind grasps the action, and pulls back.

    A machine running at 500 RPM gives you one revoultion to pull back, or .12 seconds to make that decision. By the time one second has passed, the machine has rotated 8+ times. With an 8 inch chuck on the machine, your glove would have to be 12.56 inches long for one revolution, or 100 inches long. I do not recall a glove stretching that long. Besides, it would take about 1/2 to 1 second for your mind to react anyway, thus your arm is a part of the machine by now.

    I have used barrier cream - Glove in a Bottle I think it is. Got mine from a local pharmacy - nurses use this - though I do NOT think it is a good replacement for aids and Hep prevention.

    As for the cracking of the hands - BAG BALM - I did some concrete work yesterday, this will beat hands to death. Bag balm on before the work, and immediately after the work. Doing fine now. Forgot my Glove in a bottle at the shop......

    The cutting oil thing and the liver - new stuff is generally safe, but I still stick by the Trim 300 stuff, Black oil, and Edge Lube as my choices - all fairly safe. I am careful with specialty tapping oils.


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      "Bag Balm" is prohibited for sale in Alberta unless prescribed by DVM. The cows ask for it by name...

      Your point is well taken - my point was if you are that close in the first place you are screwed anyway with skin tight gloves.


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        Four machine cleaners huh !!!!! But now she has red hair? Whoa stop wait ...... I'm a tuff guy and push my luck sometimes but I have tried red heads before and think I would rather go swimming with a 460v cable.

        This old guy won't wear any gloves around machines or neckties in fact I rarely wear a shirt or long pants ..... love the tropics.

        no bag balm in Canada? No wonder you want the US to invade.



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          Now you know why I say red heads are "bad" luck. I try to warn everyone, but that would mean I had to hang around and listen to the bitchin' & moanin' about how rough she had it as a child (she didn't - she was daddy's little girl). Meanwhile my twin sisters and I got to enjoy the thrill of regular beatings with a army issue pistol belt!

          But I am not bitter. Not me - no sir. But I can't stand redheads for some reason...

          And you can buy Bag Balm anywhere else but Alberta - I don't get it. We are being lead by nincompoops - Invade soon.