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Rebuilding Drill Chucks

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  • Rebuilding Drill Chucks

    Just a quick note for anyone wishing to perform surgery on their chucks:

    If you have an Albrecht chuck ask for their catalog - it has very specific information on dis/reassembly and should be followed. They are now a part of Royal Products:

    Jacobs Chucks: Ball Bearing Super chucks come in two styles. The newest version has a repair kit number on the nose (the kit contains jaws, split nut, thrust race, and caged balls).

    The older ones have a split nut, loose balls, thrust race, and Jaws.

    The Balls in the 18N are 5.55mm or .2185"

    For both assembly and disassembly the jaws are to be extended to "1/2 capacity" and the outer sleeve then pressed on/off. The Jaw order for both Super and Regular Chucks is short notch, long notch, mid notch.

    They have instructions on their website (it sucks) but have omitted the Ball Bearing Super Chucks for some reason.

    It is quite easy to do. My chuck was rather stiff - not from dirt, but built up coolant, rust, and burrs. A thorough cleaning followed by complete deburring resulting in a very smooth chuck. Their "quality control" is not quite as good as they claim - buy an Albrecht or Rohm!

    I regreased mine with Amsoil's Water Resistant Synthetic Grease to combat possible coolant problems in the future. Maybe someday I will breakdown and replace the jaws. I also machined the tang off and threaded the MT#2 shank for drawbar and the JT#4 for a left handed retention bolt to prevent the chuck leaving during reverse and the odd milling application I have for it.

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    I still think Jacobs would be better off sticking to making cracker biscuits and leaving chucks to someone else
    The only decent chuck they ever made, the Rubberflex, they stopped making.
    If all drills were three lobe cam ground like some countersinks etc then they would last longer and not spin and knacker chucks up.
    Oh well.... another flat battery in the car park of life .................

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      You are probably right about a lot of Jacobs chucks, but I think the Super Ball Bearing chucks are good. Very nice to use, and seem to outlast other key chucks. Unfortunately, also very expensive...


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        Don't laugh but if you see any Skoda drill chucks on offer then snap them up.
        I know the Skoda cars were a joke but Skoda have an enviable reputation of machine tool building. Some of the best preciaion grinding centres are made by Skoda.

        John S.

        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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          I have a Skoda CNC live center that can go toe to toe against any Royal any day. I have never seen their chucks, but will keep an eye out now.

          I have mostly Rohm & LFA chucks - the 18N Super Ball Bearing will be the last Jacobs after seeing their "Quality Control". The Rohm are as good as the Albrecht - both German made. I should have been content with the Bison 3" chuck I mounted on a MT#2 - oh, well.