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Kondia k-76 CNC cheap...

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  • Kondia k-76 CNC cheap...

    Any info on these:
    I got a line on one dirt cheap. ($1000) It has a control box about the size of a small refridgerator. It's in super shape. Probably have to ditch the controls and use a pc if possible. It's sort of a CNC built on a conventional machine because you can't change the spindle speed with the program. It has X, Y and Z though and manual control of all axes.
    I had seen it at work and asked my boss how much $$. He knows nil about CNC's and about all I know is how to program/run them...
    Should I pass or get it? I was thinking that just about any machine with servos or steppers and ball screws should be wort it. Could also be WAY more than I could handle and maintain. Just wanted to add that it's a 1980 model. Has a "Lubrification" chart on it...

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    We have a Kondia at work with a Prototrak control on it. The machine works great, the Prototrak on the other hand, has its issues. rock-
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      Looks like a 1/2 decent machine.
      Good iron, ballscrews and it loks like servo drives.
      Price is good for US prices.
      Depends if you can get it home reasonable and also get it running.
      If it comes to a transplant even that's not too hard.
      There are cheap PC based controller out there <$350.
      you may be able to use the original servo amps in which case you need a convertor from step/direction to 0 -10v analogue.
      Rutex do one for about $100.
      Worst comes to worst Rutex do step and direction servo amps.

      It's getting easier to convert these old machines.

      John S.

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        This one has a digitcom control. Big old box with 3 rows of led's. I don't remember seeing a jog control or handwheel either. Probably be a big project. I was thinking that since it's a half CNC, half manual that it may be manageable.

        Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga