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  • Spin Indexer question

    I bought one of those inexpensive (no, downright cheap!)5C Spin Indexers at and a set of collets. I used it to drill the spoke holes in the wheel rims & hubs for a little cannon I built and it worked great!

    I'm thinking of putting together a simple fixture for my bench grinder using the indexer for odd jobs. Dunno just what yet but was thinkin' it would be nice for grinding evenly spaced flats on round stuff, or simple tool grinding. The instructions say "Spindle travels 2-1/16" for flute grinding."

    Does anyone out there have one of these and if so, how do you get the spindle to travel without the indexer pin immediately dropping out of the hole and losing the index positioning?

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    The ring on the back side of the indexer body that is locked on the quill. You loosen that and the quill will slide in and out. Meant more for grinding helical fluted tooling ala end mills and such. Cannot be used in this manner for index gringing
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      What if you made a longer pin? Then again maybe not. Heck these things are so cheap I figure if I do anything to the one I have that messes it up, oh well.



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        As spin doctor said loosen the collar on the handle end and the spindle will slide in and out. If you are going to grind the cutting edge on a tool you will need to make a guide that will run along the base of the flute of the cutter. The guide is nothing but a pointed pin that is attached to the table and adjusted to touch the base of the cutters flute so it will rotate the cutter as the spindel is pushed and pulled. Note: the spin index is very crude as compared what is normally used to sharpen a cutter. Those grinders normally have an air bearing spindle so they move easily and very smoothly. I have a Darex cutter sharpener that works great. Lathemaster in Baton Rouge sells a tail stock for the spin index.

        Hope this helps.



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          stick a 3 1/2" pin in the hole loosen the lock ring and grind something, then you will understand what these guys are trying to tell you...jim