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    "I believe any weapon over 100 years old, or reproduction of, is considered a curio.
    Curio's fall into a non gun catagory."

    No, a gun manufactured before 1898 is an "antique". A replica of an antique muzzleloader which has not been modified to accept "modern" ammunition is also an "antique" even if it was made last week. A more modern gun made from the receiver or frame of a pre-1898 gun is not an "antique," although many people mistakenly think it is. Antiques are "non-guns" in the sense that they can be moved in interstate commerce by non-licensees (that is, people who don't hold Federal Firearms Licenses). This is per the Gun Control Act of 1968. State laws are entirely different.

    A gun more than 50 years old is a "relic." A gun of some particular noteworthy interest, such as one which once belonged to someone famous, can be determined (by ATF, not by you!) to be a "curio." "Curios" and "relics" have the same status under Federal law. Neither are non-guns. Again, state laws are entirely different. Most states don't recognize any special status for "antiques," "curios" or "relics."

    All this rubbish is in the Gun Control Act, The National Firearms Act, and the Firearms Owner's Protection Act. Texts are indexed at

    (though not the FOPA, oddly enough - can't let those gun owners know about protections!)

    Not much specifically about cannons in there, I'm afraid.


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      Laws, smaws, what I wanna know; Kap is that a picture of your work? How cool! Looks like a hoot.
      I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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        Thanks for all your feedback!


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          I want to thank everyone for their input and suggestions.

          sauer38h offered good info on the Gun Control Act of 1968, and while I was aware of this info, I'm sure a lot others can benefit from it. Unfortunately for me, the info I need is a little more obscure. I think the info from both Tinkerer and
          3 Phase Lightbulb are probably close. There are lots of blank firing pieces out there, and perminant barrel obstructions seem to be the standard feature shared by all of them.
          kap pullen seems to have the right idea. Stay with muzzle loaders and you can make them as big as you want. The pic he posted was a beauty, one of the nicest pieces I have seen, both for authenticity and quality of finish.
          One thing is for sure. He isn't likely to stick up a 7-11 store with it.
          Anyway, I want to thank you all again for your respective viewpoints and information. As a new guy on the block, it is much appreciated. I look forward to gaining new insights into machine shop projects, and hope to one day be able to help some of you with information I gain in persuit of my hobby. Happy New Year!

          kap pullen
          large cannon


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            Yep, she's my work.

            But curio, gizmo, antique, or what ever it is, when we fire it, the police come QUICK.

            Works best when we let the police know ahead that we're gonna play.

            Those park rangers get really crappy when interupted from their Christmas dinner to find the boomer in the park.

            Ranger said he had complaints, and they weren't from anywhere close.

            We (me and Andy that appears here at times) used to fire on a site surounded by park land.

            Andy saved our butts once because he had turned some poachers in shortly before Christmas.

            We strayed over the line a couple yards that day.

            Pretty much gave it up now. New wives are scared of the whole thing.



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              Yeah, I know. I used to live on a mountain in Vermont, and I had a 1/3rd scale Naval cannon with a 1.5" bore that I used to shoot blank loads all the time. My nearest neighbor was a half mile away and he didn't mind at all. Where I am now I could touch my neighbor's house from my kitchen window, so I'll just have to wait for the 4th of July.


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                My other piece of land here in North Georgia. I was awakened by the lights shining in through my back window. Two poachers riding 4wd Atvs were spotlighting in my back acreage.
                I was not too concerned till a 30/06 whistled by and boomed by myself and my kids. I put my kids in the bathtub, I got a Mini-14 and four mags and returned about twenty in thier direction then they turned all the lights out and tried to slip off.

                The game warden showed up, took thier truck, took thier ATV's took thier rifles and took them to jail. They put a "robot" deer in my back yard for about two weeks. It got shot at but never hit. Sorry shots them poachers. I think drinking and stupidity has a lot to do with it.
                Each of us make our own mistakes I guess. I am just glad I didn't hit one of them sorry devils. I would probably be still paying his grocery bill.


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