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anybody want to meet at NAMM for breakfast?

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  • anybody want to meet at NAMM for breakfast?

    I am going to NAMM in Anaheim in a couple weeks and thought it would be nice to meet some of the board members. We could maybe meet for breakfast or would you rather meet for dinner? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks--Mike.

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    Now, that's the best reason I've heard for going to NAMM. I've been a member for more than 30 years, but a couple of decades ago I decided to avoid the show, letting my partner handle that insane crowd.

    I go to the luthier conventions instead. . .

    Enjoy the show,

    Frank Ford

    Frank Ford


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      National Assoc of Meter Maids ?


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        NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. There are about 10,000 music merchants in the US and about half of them belong to this organization. You don't have to belong to NAMM to attend the show, but you do have to be in the music business. Music Teachers, guitar or horn repairmen and music retailers all qualify. There will be about 50,000 people in attendance to look at all the new pianos, guitars, amps repair tools, etc. Grizzly usually has a booth downstairs in the main building. They think that their tools could be used in a lot of our repair departments and the owner is also a guitar builder. I run a small retail music store and I go to see what is new since I am not able to buy one of everything just to check them out.


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          Sure. I'm with Ampeg, so I am slated to go out there on the 20th.

          I usually hit the Jolly Roger Inn's restaurant when they open at 6AM... down towards Harbor on Katella. We usually stay across Katella.

          But another time would be OK too.

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