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Herzog Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder?

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  • Herzog Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder?

    I'm looking at this HERZOG Vertical spindle surface grinder on Ebay, but I can't find any additional info on the WEB about it. Does anyone know how it works?


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    We have something very similar at work,but bigger.
    Ours has a rotating electromagnet and carries a 5" wheel.Ours you don't swing the haed of the machine,you just position it and feed the head down while the chuck spins.
    Desription says"sample grinder"I'll bet it came from a metalurgical lab.

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    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      At that "buy-it-now" price you better grab it quick. I'd go for it except getting it across country would make it not so good a deal.

      Herzog isn't a brand I know of, grinders of this type and size are for sharpening punches and dies for stamping presses.

      The small mag chuck can be replaced with a larger one to grind bigger pieces. Even an angle vise could be mounted.

      They're handy machines. This one has 3hp and coolant so it's a serious machine.


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        IT looks like a specialised glass lense grinding machine to me .
        all the best.mark


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          I have an advertisement at work that looks very much like that machine. My add shows that it is made to grind punch press dies and punches. Dont know if it the same company, cant remember.

          The hook is that they claim turret punch press operators will just run the punches 'till they give out. Supposedly they dont understand that as punches dull, they can quickly loose life if they are left to run. Strange, we taught our operators to look at the punches between runs and bring them to the tool room for sharpening before they chip.

          If I locate the add tomorrow I'll drop a web site on the bbs. rock-
          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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            Try this. Made by a different company but I think that it is the same idea. rock-
            Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.