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  • Mill-Drill vfd

    I plan on converting my mill-drill to variable speed AC. I purchased a 2HP 3 phase motor from Ebay and am considering a Hitachi VFD controller from Drives Warehouse.
    First attempt for this type of job for me so any advice or suggestion would be much appreciated.
    Thanks jim

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    Jim, I use a Hitachi 2HP L100 series VFD from Drives Warehouse on my lathe and have been very pleased with its options and performance. If you search this forum there have been some great treatises on VFD from Forrest and others. Den


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      You shouldn't have any problems. The only specific caution I know of is, don't put a switch between the VFD and the motor. Do all on/off switching with the VFD.

      I've got a Teco-Westinghouse VFD. It's worked very well. The only problem I had was deciphering the instruction manual. All the information was there, but it took me a while to put all the pieces together that I needed to know. The Hitachi manual may be better organized.
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        One last comment.

        You will find the variable speed feature very convenient. However you will find you have to resort to changing belts for high torque loads as when usign a fly cutter or larger drills.