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    I recently bought, at a tag sale, a 2" dia Starrett dial indicator, 0-25-0, .250 stroke. I cleaned it up and gave just a smidge of oil; it's smooth as silk. Only trouble is the plastic "crystal" is loose and falls off. Anyone know a good adhesive for this? I paid whole dollar for it, so I want it to be right!

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    I'd probably try a thin smear of Silicone caulk.
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      Nah, ya stole it for a dollar!!


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        Take it to a watch repair guy. He can make and install a new lexan cover fairly cheap. Or you can send it to Starrett for TLC - they come back just like new! You can order a new cover from Starrett - parts are down right scary in price though.

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          Super Glue - tack it on. I did this once. Got a starret for free, crystal falling off all the time. Tacked it on three places so I could pry it off if needed.
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            remove chrystal, heat with something (hot water, heat gun) place weight on it and let cool. pop back in place.


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              Thanks for all the suggestions; one of those will work. And Ed, no I didn't steal it, after all I paid fifty cents for the 1-2-3 blocks. There should be more sales like that one.