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    Well, after going through two used lathes in the last year that, sadly, are both now defunct, my brand new lathe arrived today.

    If it had air holes I would have thought they were delivering was a large African Lion. Hmmm. That could be interesting. We have a distant neighbor that has two camels in their pasture and my wife swears she also saw a zebra. A lion would definitely be one up and two camels and a zebra. Okay, I digress.

    After removing the outer crate, the lathe was hermetically sealed in a metallic colored plastic bag. Once the bag was breached I was greeted by that "new lathe smell" wafting into my garage. "Ah..." They should make car air fresheners with that smell. Maybe I could get a can of "new mill smell" for my old mill?

    The new lathe is the Emco Super 11CD. My first impression is very good. The craftsmanship is astounding. Everything moves very smoothly, the backlash is almost nonexistent, and it feels like it was carved out of single block of steel.

    It comes with an extra deep chip tray that has the drain built in for a flood coolant system. That might be a nice addition, some day. I ordered the Aloris AXA toolpost (yes, the real thing) and I have collet drawbar on the way, too.

    My next step is to get my old clunker out of the basement and then start disassembling the Emco from its stand so I can move it downstairs. I also need to bring in 220 volts to the wall, but that will be the easy part,

    When it is up and running I'll update the group.

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    Yup, them Austrians (& Germans) know how to build stuff. I would have got a Dorian tool post - since you are spending all that money for an Aloris you might just as well get a better one for the same money. IMHO.

    Safety tip - don't drop it on your foot!


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      Dave, for once I have to disagree with you. I check out a lot of used lathes when they come in and scrape the junk and repair the good for resale. Very few Aloris posts and tool holders get rejected ..... more Dorian ..... and almost all other brands go to the junk man.

      Second point: if he drops that neat lathe, quick stick a foot under it to soften the drop !!!!!!


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        Getting top-quality new machinery sure is fun! Too bad it takes so much money to enjoy the experience.

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          Congratulations. Mike


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            Point well taken about the foot! (those sorta heal)

            I disagree about the tools though - any a--hole can damage stuff - true enough. I presume though as a reasonable human being one would take better care of their tools at home than they do at work. Not that you should not exercise the same respect for your employers tools - you should!

            Oh, what the hell - you are right. Go ahead and make it monkey-proof.