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remember the cone question?

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  • remember the cone question?

    Well, I found an exellent source in Cal. Here are some pictures of the progress!

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    Nice job. It makes me deaf just looking at it!

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      Nice setup and clear pictures.
      Super Dave


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        Sid - Beautiful work! But they don't appear to be equal length tubes, or is this just for looks/audio impact?


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          These pipes are not a "tuned header" by any means. They are freer flowing, than say a cast manifold. The cone will connect to side pipes that will not be to loud, but will have a nice tone. As far a optimum power, the engine is a 460 fairly well built in a '32 5 window coupe. The pipes are all stainless. As well as the flange. I designed that and had it water jet cut(3/8, 316). Then I milled all around and the ports to get it to actual size. Not done yet, but a start.

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            So how did they make it?
            Looks like either aluminum or stainless?
            was it spun, or cast, or just rolled and welded?


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              The cones are rolled 304 16ga stainless.
              A place in Cal, called Cone Engineering made them. They rolled six of them and shipped them to my door for $225.00. I welded the seam and the bend to the small end. Cone engineering was great to work with. Craig there really knew what he was talking about, and was glad to help me.