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Nice Old Lathe, learning to use it

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  • Nice Old Lathe, learning to use it

    i wish i gota use that lathe....

    came across this pic while doing my ultra long timeline project

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    So when are you going to buy a lathe to learn on?


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      waiting on ebay until my dad gets a job , however it is possible that when my dad gets a job i would just buy a mill, cuz with that money i can get a rf-45 shipped to my house for about 2800, from sharp machine tools. A 12 x 36 from busy bee is 3200. also i would only hafta pay gst from sharp machine tools cuz its in vancouver, maybe i would just buy the lathe from sharp machine tools, i think it would be cheaper but im not sure, i gotta check the e-mail i got from them.


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        You know that YOU can get a job to pay for your toys!
        Location: North Central Texas


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          Problem is that at his age he'd be lucky to gross $5 an hour, and I for one know how painful it is trying to save for stuff on that sort of income.

          BUT, yes, I agree - don't wait for your Dad to get a job, if you earned money too, and put it with your dad you could get a 13x40 lathe rather than a 12x36 - and if you are looking at the RF45 mill drill you obviously are learning to appreciate mass...

          Takeaway food shops are good for more than clogging arteries and plundering the environment, they give kids jobs too