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SB heavy 10 spindle oil path

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  • SB heavy 10 spindle oil path

    Can one of you sketch the path of spindle oil in a SB heavy 10 spindle and post it here ? I'm not sure if you are supposed to see oil weeping or is it a closed system.

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    I don't know if the heavy 10 is like the 10K spindle, but I wouldn't be surprised. On the 10K, the oil goes into reservoirs under the spinde bearings. Spring-loaded wicks from the reservoirs take the oil up to the bearing surfaces. From there, the oil gradually disperses out the ends of the bearings. Ultimately, it's a "total loss" system.
    At least that's my understanding of it.
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      Oil leaks out the sides of my SB, I dont mind, I know its working.


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        I have a bunch of the round felt wicks that are used in SB lathes They're 1/4in.dia,and 6in. long,white.If you send me a stamped,self-addressed envelope,I'll send 'em'your way. Got them at an antique store for almost nothing.George