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Pics of projects to start the new year

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    One more thing... hehe sorry im so disorganised... could you take a close up of one of your welds for me? i wanna see if im welding right. the weld examples on the miller site looks very different from the ones i seen from some people here and there.


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      Wow did i just read what i think i just read? 80 hp ! your lucky your cart is still in one piece. you cant just built it so it will work, you hafta build it and thinking that a hippo or sumtin will use it. You must always exede the requirements, especially if your gonna risk your life with that thing. you probably never pushed it to the max i guess.


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        Im gonna post pics of my project. i still gotta get it from school, my shop teacher is making me sign a note because he says its a "death trap". so, maybe tomorow ill try to bring it home


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          IOWOLF, "It looks like an AR"

          That's the idea. It was designed for people like me that cut our teeth on the AR platform and prone stocks just don't feel right. A bolt action "AR" is the bee's knees. The tube kit is a good deal for those that don't want to spend $3300 on a Tubb 2000.



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            Tube squeezer. Each year my son makes his Christmas gifts for teachers, family, and friends. As his list gets bigger, we have to plan something simple enough that we can mass produce. These are made from stainless steel. The shafts are 1/4" in diameter with an 1/8" slot milled in them.