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    For those who are electricly challenged (like me), here are a couple of pic of my old rotary 3ph converter. This uses a starting (pony) motor to start the converter motor. The pony motor is a 1/2hp 1ph 110v. It is hinged to act like a clutch when tightening the belt to get the 3ph converter motor going. The system was wired using two knife type disconnect switch boxes.
    Staring steps:
    1. Open guard on converter motor. 2. Put belt on pulleys. Keep tension loose. 3. Turn on pony motor. 4. Lower pony motor to increase tension on belt and bring converter motor up to speed of pony motor. 5.Turn on power to converter motor. 6. As soon as converter motor is powered up, lift pony motor to disengage belt (belt flops on floor with no entanglement). 7. Turn off pony motor. 8.Close guard cage.
    This is the converter I used for about 15 years until I got my RotoPhase converter.