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    After reading the article on welding harley cases and the article wthin on hemi head harleys i got curious how would be the best way to machine those heads into a Hemi type shape. After welding building them up would you use a radius type holdridge tool to do it or calculate points with a design program like mastercam.. I dont have a cnc machine(YET) so I generally use =mastercam to calculate cut points for outside contours and file to shape. ALA GUY LAUTARDS spere and ball generating booklet. Any thoughts gentlemen (And David LOL)

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    I'm interested in these articles, are they in HSM or off the net.
    Most of the work I have viewed in mags and on the net are more welding up into a bathtub shape this gives more squish. I have a MERCH 120 ci engine new not even assembled yet that I purchased at their auction. 4.25x 4.25 they use a hemi. type combustion chamber with a squish zone of about a 7/16 all the way around the circumference of the chamber. I could take a pick of it if you want to see what it looks like.
    Sorry I just looked at the harley case post.

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