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HF's Small Butane Torches

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  • HF's Small Butane Torches

    Harbor Freight has two different little butane torches. One, kinda pencil size, one a little bigger.
    Do those take some sort of cartridge of butane? If so, where would you get the butane? ...Or are they to be filled, in the same manner as butane cigarette lighters?
    Anyone here have any experience with them? Do they generate enough heat for small silver soldering jobs?
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    They are filled in the same manner as a lighter and the butane is commonly available, so no problem. I have several of these types of torches and the pencil style is almost worthless; the flame just won’t remain stable. The larger ones with a 90آ° head work fine for me.
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Small markets usually sell butane refill bottles. Stick the tip of the can into the torch, should refill it. I've heard of adapters too that the Gauge 1 live steam crowd uses.


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        Pretty good for freebasing

        Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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          Im getting ready to order a Sievert propane torch for silver soldering, that is after I clear up this UPS shipping disaster today.. ARGH.


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            Thanks. I'll get one and try it the next trip to HF.
            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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              I should say, stick the refill can nozzle into the refill nozzle of the torch. My friend had one of those pencil torches too, didnt hold much, and it leaked. This was years ago though.


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                Hello Lynnl,
                I bought a Bernzmatic Kit with both LP gas and oxygen, also had hoses, regulator,torch and a small stand for the bottles. Mapp gas can be used with it for higher heat if needed. It was inexpensive and would work well for small scale things.
                You can weld and braze or solder with it. Also has an igniter that comes with it. I have used mine to harden small parts before
                tempering the in the kitchen electric oven.
                It works very well.


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                  Yeah, I have one of those O2/propane kits too. I'm just thinking about those occasions when I'm doing real small work, and maybe those little butane outfits would be handier to manipulate.
                  I just recently got me a Victor O2/Acet. outfit for when I need lotsa heat. Haven't used it yet... been rounding up bottles of gas, a cart to put 'em on, etc., etc.
                  I just love fire! Hope that's not indicative of my future in the afterlife.
                  Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                    I've got one of the "fat pencil" type, didn't come from HF, but probably the same thing.

                    It's great. A torch that I don't feel bad about having in the basement shop. Even if it dumped its full load of fuel, it probably wouldn't do anything bad, not much in it.

                    A regular bottle with a leak would be a problem......

                    I have used it for silver soldering, small shrink fits, etc, etc.

                    It does have some issues with flame stability, I always forget if it works better with tip up or tip down. But it is convenient, and it's easy to work around the issues.
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                      Hi,Lynn.i have the thin pencil,fatter pencil("portasol"),bernzomatic size and a handheld with separate 5lb 1 is junk,it snuffs out when you point it down.2.the portasol type is great for soldering and (very)small brazing work.3.bernzomatic type is ok,but my refillable bottle is quite heavy.
                      4.this type has many different tips available,like sievert,etc.,and thus more versatile.if you're going to use it on a regular basis,go for the will do quite fine work with the appropiate tip,right up to about 3/16"brazing.anything bigger you'll need to get oxy/$0.02.