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    A VFD is a phase generator that can vary the speed. I have one on my machine. My machine just has a 2hp motor thou. I have a single phase input, 3 phase output inverter. It has a limited number of starts per minute thou. If you plan to do manual tapping (fwd-reversing) a lot you have to go bigger.

    A rotary phase convertor is a unit that uses inductors and capacitors and possibly a pony (idle motor) that generates a simulated phase out of the 180 degree single phase power.

    I have a 10hp 3ph motor started with a belt connected 120volt 1/2hp single phase motor, then I slam in the contactor. It will run all the 3phase machines in my shop. Smoothe. No cost other than the motor and the contactors.



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      Sounds like an efficient setup. Where would I be able to pick that type of equipment? What was your total cost? I appreciate any help you could provide, thanks.



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        The big 3 phase motors are sold at scrap prices.

        You use a lil ingenuity. Put a pulley on both motors and leave it loose. turn on the 120 volt motor (cost me $5) and let it come up to speed, when it humms the 10hp motor (cost $20) flip the 3ph switch (junk). The 10 hp motor turning with 220 single phase on two of its three power legs generates the 3rd phase you hook to other machines.

        Someone much more intelligent than me showed it to me. I have been a electrician since the 70s and He was just a janitor. I said it couldn't be done. He showed me different. A couple others here did too but I didn't believe.

        Some people paid the big bucks only thiers works no better/worse than my cheapie homemade.

        But on the mill, I had already put a vfd speed control on the head. With the air speed changer-belt drive it is double kill. You can slow the motor with the vfd or slow the head with the belt. or both, and then shift it into low and then you have to reverse rotation to run the clockwise like most drill bits or mills cut. IN slow speed on the head you can count the rotations. But sink it with a good sharp 1 1/2 drill and Ohh baby does it cut curls.

        Of course the real machinists on here tell me I am not supposed to cut curls but short chips.
        (I cut some 12" curls yesterday) oops.
        I am a wanna-be machinist anyways, still learning and listening and trying to help others when I can.

        My machine was a junk pile when I bought it. Just like a motorcycle or streetrod, it takes a lot of "hours" to make it right. Everyone laughs at Junk, or loose questions here it seems. I got so mad from posting a pre-paint picture I painted my mill. It works no better now. It's all in fun thou.

        Now I think they have figured out my antagonistic type "A" personality, they got a new horse to ride.

        Plenty of help here, I have learned a lot. Most people here are a lot more "into it" than me. I just make a few parts here and there.

        Bring on the napalm, I see a loose cow from the pasture down the road.


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          Rustoleum makes a "smoke gray" that I cut with Rustoleum "white" to get the lighter shades of gray. Castrol makes an excellent degreaser they sell in the VIP stores here in the northeast. It comes in a purple jug and cost around $7/gal.

          Eastern Maine, USA


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            One of the hardware lines (I think Ace Hardware) sells paints to match many common equipment colors. I've used some of those, and as I recall the "Ford Tractor Gray" is a pretty close match.
            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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              David & All

              Thanks for the help. A color that is close to the original will make me happy (I'm not that anal : ) I have been machining & welding since I was in 9th grade, there is just something that ticks inside me when I sit there & look at the last project completed. Currently I work for a R & D composits company part time machining & welding in the morning. I also work for the federal gov as a CNC/ mauanl machinist & certified aircraft welder, thats how much I love this stuff so I don't have too much time for myself. If can contribute I do but I usually just read the post here because by the time I get to read the questions there has usually been mutiple answers & I would just be repeating the great info that gets passed on here. This is one of the most informative sites I routinely visit, awesome job fellas you all deserve a pat on the back, Thanks.


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