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Just got this from Dave(Thrud)

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  • Just got this from Dave(Thrud)

    My Brother

    Words cannot express the outreaching of my Brothers and Sisters and
    their concern for my well being during the holiday season, nor your
    considerable, yet sneaky effort in pulling it off. Thank you from the
    bottom of my heart to you and all the Brothers and Sisters that sent the
    cards and letters of hope and joy - You made my day . I have to say
    that this is the best Christmas I have ever had and you started the year
    2005 from what had been a frozen nightmare into a bright, crisp reboot!

    I was touched by George's "Cat Crunchie" cookies - especially the color
    photo - but why a NEW scooper for RELATIVES, George? How are they gonna
    tell... Truly disgusting - I plan on making some soon!

    And a special "thanks" to the Screws & Cons at Penn State Max for the
    "Convicts Christmas Carrol" !

    And I will never forget the filthy mouthed Parrot & the Turkey story...

    Made me real chocolate milk in glass bottles...special!

    Peace & grace my Brother

    Post Scriptum: if you could - please pass the above thank you message on
    to the BBS - I have run into further breathing problems from working out
    in the bitter cold (jam tart) and my arse is too sore to sit on and type
    (slipped & fell) - I don't know how long I will be gone again, maybe a
    month - takes me a long time for my lungs to recover from pneumonia.

    BTW - The card you sent had my picture on the front... Birds of
    a feather, eh?

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    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Darin, you did good man.
    To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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      my Brothers & Sisters all

      When I got up yesterday it was the end of a week of pure hell - fighting a frozen turd battery, cursing retarded automotive engineers for putting 14" long nearly siezed screws on a 9" high battery box with a 5/16" heads and -40*c weather, frozen fingers, gasping for air, ready to just light the bitch on fire and claim the insurance (no, really) - at least it would have been warmer. Having to help my friend as he got 23 emergency calls for ATM machines throughout the day and night from the 27 through yesterday (man, did he rack up overtime...) then having to pay $153 for a Optima red top now when Costco is giving a $31 rebate mid month (grrr!) - at least it was cheaper than the other weiners that wanted $230 for the same battery (the greedy dogs - one of them wanted $350) - then pouring $53 worth of gas for 308 km of bitter cold 4x4 idling (of which) 7% is GST - $.799/litre $.10/liter federal road tax, $.09/liter hidden Alberta energy tax - I am tired of getting scewed and not getting any kisses. Looked at tire - 4-5 lbs air, not good, damn coold out begged with a garage to bring truck in to inflate tires with warm dry shop air. Then I went to the blood lab and the vampires took 15 vials of blood from me. This time the the dermatoligist is also having them test me for Hepatitis A,B,&C...if I have Hep C - the hospital is getting sued...

      Then the doorbell rang, and the Purolator puke would not wait 1 minute for me to walk upstairs - so I had to go pick up my care package at 8PM. When I got out of my buddies care I lost my shoe and stepped in car drool in the garage (grrrrrr! - wet panty hose - I mean preasure stocking )

      I went down to my room and opened stange package and started reading contents...


      I realized that I was an Ass for not doing this myself and although my butt hurts and I can't breathe I sincerely want all you to know how much this meant to me and that I will never forget this. It made my year yesterday...

      Today, I look on the world with renewed hope for all of us - thank you for not just being my friends but also my Brothers and Sisters from different mothers but still all family.

      Peace & Grace to all

      Dave "400 Lb. Gorilla" Smith
      aka "Thrud"
      proud member local 48 LOS :


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        Glad your sense of humor is still working there cousin. I sure wish you'd buy the House two doors down and come help in my tiny shop.

        I got a sunburn today. Working outside enjoying this pissy life. (am still sick mediciene still not right) I got a lot done today thou. I feel like crap, but running wide open.

        I got on some "kid" angry thrash music and wanna jump into the pit and make someone bleed. I used to use it to work on a heavy bag to get my rhytmm. My favorite was Metallica. (Fat man dancin, look out!)
        Today I got out the nunchukas.. NOW that was a interesting sight. I have not had them in my hands in about five years. I got bruises to show for it. "I did not" get out the sword afterwards or I would not be writing this. (last time I slapped my leg with the flat)

        Take care friend. Our petrol is cheap at 1.60 per gallon.
        It's fixin to get interesting around here tonight, Carrol took the "shop truck" to get fire wood for our lil neighbor (single). I am waiting on the "stuck up to the axle call"



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          Damn Dave,if I had known you where having battery trouble I would have sent you some cable cutters and a slim-jim Simply find some lonely looking government vehicle,pop the door lock,then the hood,then with the cable cutters(snip,snip)and presto!New battery
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Weird, by the time you do all that trouble, you can just drive the car with the good battery.

            Our shop rocket, a 92 Smokey and Bandit special edition TransAm got stolen. No insurance, it got wrecked in some people's yard and is in impound right now.

            I should've brought it home and drove it like they told me.. Should've could've, didn't.



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              Well if I was gonna steal one I would steal a roll back wrecker first
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                WE had this "Salesman car" left at the airport in North Carolina. We left instructions for the Fitters to fix it where the battery could not be stolen anymore.

                I liked to have died. This car was about two or three years old. It had a holesawed hole in the hood, a big old rusty logchain ran through the hole down to the ground, down around the bumper and a big old padlock hanging right there in the front. Sure enough the battery was still in it. Nobody had keys for the padlock thou. Not sure if it ever got the oil checked. Rough section of town, man.



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                  Dacid, Darin

                  No Battery trouble now - me arse still hurts though...

                  Damn, I remember nunchucks - mistakes hurt. When I was younger I never had a punching bag - had to put 3/4" plywood up on the side of the garage and punch and kick that instead. Eventually the garage collapsed. My childhood doctor lived next door and used to ask me what in hell I was doing beating the crap out of the garage - "Beathing with my testicles - what did you think I was doing?" Geeze doctors are dumb...