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  • Thanks Neil

    I just got the Jan/Feb issue of HSM. What a fitting tribute to Rudy. I had to go do something else halfway through, got something in my eye.

    It is very apparent what a special person Rudy was. I feel lucky to have been able to have met him and talked to him.

    The rest of the magazine is excellent as well. You have set a new standard, and I hope you can maintain it for the rest of the year. All of us will benefit.
    Jim H.

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      went and checked my news agents today .
      they had not heard of the home shop and machinist magazine.
      they checked with there wholesaler and its not avalable here .
      I go to the main site here
      and it's sort of confusing ....
      sort of looks like I have to have a 2 year subscription if I'm over-seas....
      and does not make it clear as to what the shipping would be ...
      hope neil reads this ..and clears it up for me .
      all the best.mark


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        Thanks, JC and Texas:

        The photo of Rudy steaming his tractor was taken on my back deck on a Saturday. He had driven some six hundred miles to visit with us and VP. Three Saturdays later, I received the call informing me of his death. I felt pretty bad that day. Then, I remembered the great time we had on that earlier Saturday afternoon. I'm thankful for and will hold onto those happier memories.

        We welcome overseas subscribers and you don't have to subscribe for two years minimum. Should anybody have questions of subscription rates or matters, please email [email protected].



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          Well done.
          Thank you


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            I just looked and if you have both magazines you can have a one year subscription.This is what I did about three months ago and at the moment I have had two HSM and one PM.Cost me آ£35.94 for both for one year,could be a bit less now depending on the exchange rate.

            I like both mags and find the quality is far superior to our own mags.The price is on a par with MEW but you get a total of 12 mags a year and not 8 as for MEW.

            I did not renew my subscription to MEW again as I personally thought the quality of the content had gone downhill,and it seems to get thinner,in fact its about 20 pages less than it was about 10 yrs ago and the content seems to be moving away from being mainly about model engineering.
            I don't want to keep reading about the yearly visit to Myfords,descriptions about full size equipment exhibitions and a tour round someones shed(workshop), I wouldn't mind if it was in addition to model engineering topics and not instead of them.


            [This message has been edited by Allan Waterfall (edited 01-06-2005).]


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              THANKYOU ALLAN.
              Most uk mags are getting on for آ£4 now.
              I did subscribe to both works out as آ£34.33 acording to the yahoo currency converter cant get one uk mag for that ..and the fact that it is being mailed overseas makes it very good value indeed.
              Cant wait to start reading it .
              all the best...mark


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                Yes, the tribute was very good. I haven't been able to read it all yet as things get a bit misty when I start. I didn't ever meet the gentleman but the comments are so sincere that I feel that I really would have enjoyed knowing him.

                Thanks Neal.

                Paul A.
                SE Texas

                And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
                You will find that it has discrete steps.


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                  Very nice issue. It has been a while since I've actually sat down and read every word in HSM. I usually just canibalize it for the essential info I'm looking for. I read every article in this issue word for word and enjoyed all of them. I've been subscribing since the early 80's and this ranks right up there with the best. I too got something in my eye about half way through the Rudy article. Guess I should have been wearing my saftey glasses.
                  Regards, Matt


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                    What they said. This was a great issue.

                    I think a lot of people might be interested in Forrest's Scraping and Leveling stories. It really brings to front the real world nature of what precision is. I read my Laser Focus magacizine and there are many adds and articles that bring Forrest's stories to front.



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                      I have to say the Rudy obits were outstanding.
                      They really characterized this wonderful man.
                      The structure was so good, I wondered if maybe Rudy had a hand in it ?
                      Osmosis I am sure !
                      We still carry him where he touched our lives.
                      Green Bay, WI