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    no you dont
    this guy takes first prize ..look below

    i take first prize for a messed up head
    all the best...mark


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      Here's my shop after an extensive clean-up p:// ry.html&h=322&w=640&sz=52&tbnid=bNZfNe6MDyQJ:&tbnh =67&tbnw=133 &start=2&prev=/images%3Fq%3DBomb%2Bdamage%2Bfactory%26hl%3Den%26l r%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG


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        3ph, that's a photo of MY garage, except you left out a few bikes.



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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kap pullen:
          Not familair with a tuit!
          Please help.
          A 'round tuit is the things you need to get around to (to do them).

          It's near kin to the "honey do", which, contrary to Webster's Dictionary is not a type of melon, but a man's worst nightmare when his wife comes up with a list of them, none of which include the things that he think ought to be done.

          Old P&W "C" 12x36 lathe, Covel SG, DoAll T&C Grinder, Rottler SG9M, HP7A, F69ATC


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            JeffH do you live in Canada?

            Ive been to busy bee lately to check out that 12 x 36, and ive seen a knee mill like the one in your shop, i cant help thinking that its the BB model, is it?

            Also very nice shops ya guys gots!


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              Elninio............. am I a Canuck ?? , yes . The mill and lathe were both purchased as a package on the same day.

              This was what I used to have , it's an ok little lathe , not much of a mill , I new that before I bought it , brought it home anyways. I enjoyed having the 3 in 1 around , did some cool stuff with it , many naysayers would have thought couldn't be pulled off. I kinda miss it now that it is gone.


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                JeffH, do you find the spindle to table distance on your new 6x26 mill a limitation?


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                  You might have this mill confused with the Grizzly 3103 , it looks the same . It is bigger than that one , the table is 8" x 30" , and the distance between the spindle and the table has not been an issue yet , it does have more room than the 3103 , which is a bench model ?, not sure why they call it that , this mill is a floor model , came with a coolant system and an X axis power feed . One issue I have , is the lowest speed is not low enough , I will solve that later , a couple of the fasteners are a little cheesy , that is easily fixed too. For what it is , at the price , I'm happy with it , I gave up trying to find a decent used knee mill in my area , bought that one based on price , features and a warranty .