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  • Homeward Bound

    I’m replacing the control on my lathe and need to install home switches. The old system did not use them. It’s a LeBlond with a conventional bed and tailstock. The control is a second hand MDSI and is PC based.

    How exactly does the home sequence work?
    Are home switches usually wired normally open or closed?
    Where should I put the Z home switch for my situation?

    This is a BEFORE picture and that's not the same PC.

    The saddle is to go �homeward’ but is �bound’ by the tailstock getting in the way. If I mount the switch at the tail then I have to remove the monster tailstock just to home it. That would really suck especially if I was using the tailstock at the time.
    If I have to I could construct a bed extension to hold up the tailstock so that I could slide it out of the way. I might do that in anyway.

    I thought about mounting it to the saddle and have it tripped by the tailstock where ever it may be at the time. The soft limit would be useless then, but there is adjustable stops wired to the estop circuit anyway. However as I understand the homing sequence this idea won’t work.

    AS I UNDERSTAND THE HOMING SEQUENCE: rapid until the switch is made, then feed in the opposite direction (or same dir. depending on machine) to a specific predetermined position (I think). Or does it go to a certain degree of rotation of the encoder itself? If that were the case then I could mount the switch from saddle-to-tailstock.

    Another idea would be to have the home switch trip somewhere in the middle of the bed and stretch the soft limit to the end of the bed. I don’t know if that’s possible or if it would freak out the control when running over the tripping ramp while not in a homing sequence.
    Super Dave