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  • broach

    need help in getting a splined broach to do 1/2" hole with about 50 splines
    chuck slifer

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    We need a lot more info than what you have presented.



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      If you are doing one or two just have them done with a wire edm.

      you will spend big bucks on a broach at least $1,000.

      yes more info is needed machine type,metal,hole depth, yada yada yada.

      are you wanting to roto broach with live tooling or just use a press?


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        if the splines are equal the spline will be approx. .015~.016 per tooth. wire EDM would be much beeter methinks. gotta go now being bombbarded by quarks..jim


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          jim (not john) (heh heh) What exactly is a quark? Do we just not have them up here cuz it's too damn cold?
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            quarks and leptons are the smallest subatomic particles theoretically 1/3 the size of a neutron. theory also states that they travel at the speed of light and penetrate everything, including the earth as we speak.
            if one were to consider the scale of a hydrogen atom consider this. if the neutron were the size of an orange the electron would be the size of a cherry. the orbit around the orange would be 20 miles radius at at a speed so fast that it would appear to be solid. the quark or lepton would pass thru this orbit and probably never touch anything since its only 1/3rd the size of the cherry, in scale.
            as you go up in the periodical table the reletaive size of the atom is exponetional. so for comparision an uranium 235 isotope isnt 235 times larger than a hydrogen atom but X to the 235th power. kind of overwhelming isnt it? anyway you have quarks where ever you are but you wont feel them...jim not john


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              jim not john

              No, not really. Even the Uranium atom is mostly empty space and your assumption of the smallest particles is only that - an assumption. Some day they might even discover the world is not flat or round, but rather all an allusion...the truth is something other than what you think you know, and we know nothing.

              And I am sure OJ was innocent - yeah, right.

              Rant off.

              Just cut the damn thing with an rotary table and a shaper & single point tool and get on with it. (easy)

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                The Heisenburg uncertainty principle applied to mans quest for knowlege? Or is that just the chocolate milk talking. BTW I happen to know that nothing penitrates meatloaf



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                  i bevieve that we are just a science project for a spoiled rich kid in another universe


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                    all things are an illusion. im just not sure who's.
                    we are just going to school now, the test will be given after the end of school. my test may come sooner than yours.
                    you are correct that there is more empty space than that occupied by matter. solids arent solid they just have that illusion. the quest now is to discover what dark matter is and a use of the same for fuel for spacecraft. kind of a renewable fuel.
                    the experiment to proove the existence of quarks was performed inside the earth using the same method that physicist'use with linear accelarators. ie: tracking electron paths via film exposure...gotta go here comes another 'un...jim


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                      Thanks for the explanation! Saves me from looking REAL know...standing at the Canadian Tire gardening section...looking for "Quark spray"!
                      chuck...sorry to hijack your thread!
                      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                        So to get back on topic can you broach with a quark or do they have to be heat treated ?

                        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                          since every thing is mostly empty space no you cant broach with a quark. but it is an intresting thought that the wire edm as suggested here uses electrons to machine parts.
                          anyway the cost of the broach would make this job a low profit venture. WATCH OUT!!!...jim


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                            You could also spline the part in a shaper on a dividing head if you didn't have access to the wire machine....

                            I don't know about the quarks, though....You ever do any at NASA, Kap? I know you've done alot of neat stuff down there.

                            Andy Pullen

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                            Clausing 10x24, Sheldon 12" shaper, Clausing 8520 mill, Diacro 24" shear, Reed Prentice 14" x 34"


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                              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by chuck slifer:
                              need help in getting a splined broach to do 1/2" hole with about 50 splines

                              Bridgeport makes a great shaping head attachment for broaching different shapes on the mill. The "Bridgy" Model "E" head will go from 70 to over 400 strokes per minute, and you can even adjust the length of stroke to up to 4". It mounts on the knuckle bolt bracket on the back of the Bridgport ram, so that all you have to do to use the head is swing the trundion to do the broaching or shaping.

                              So then if you have a surface grinder with a simple form dresser (you can make a radius dresser to use in a spin fixture, or use a sine plate to dress an angle) you can make a single point broach cutter tool to use in the shaping head. It's an economical and accurate way to do internal splines of various configurations, even an approximated involute form! As long as you can accurately grind the form, and accurately index, then you can sink the tool to depth with your mill table in each individual spline while the shaping head is "nibbling" away the tooth form one spline at a time!

                              Your spline form sounds like a simple angular serration form, that would be simple to make a single point shaping/broaching tool for.

                              The process is very similar to that which many of these guys have already used in the lathe when broaching key seats in bores. They will often grind a single point broaching/shaping tool to fit the keyslot, and then mount it into a boring bar in the lathe toolpost. Then they'll use the lathe carriage like a shaper ram!

                              The "Bridgy" shaping head does the same thing, but it's not powered by "armstrong" like the lathe operation! It has it's own motor attached to the head.

                              I saw a shaping head go for $500.00 on E-Bay yesterday!