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  • tom senior milling machine

    hi everyone,,,hope you all had a lovelly christmas,, im interested to know if anyone has a tom senior M1 miller, i would like to know what the drawbar length is i know it has a 1/2"whitworth thread but im stuck for the actual length of the drawbar, cheers! bill

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    I'm probably missing something, as usual, but why is this hard to figure out?

    Can't you take an appropriate collet (Morse 3?), hold it in the spindle, drop a 1/2" rod down through until it hits the top of the collet, mark the rod, take it out, and measure?

    Then cut off slightly long, thread the lower end, put it in again and thread it into the collet to double-check the length. Mark final length needed. Take it out, cut off to final length, thread the top for a short distance and weld or silver solder a nut on top for a wrench?

    For material, 1144 Stressproof, or 4140, would probably be good.

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      thanks for the time and advice, but and theres always a but,, the machine is very heavy to move and it is stationed with no room to get at the rear, saying that i will have to eventually move the damn thing to get the drawbar in anyway, i was wondering if anyone had one at hand to give me the precise measurement as i still have a few outstanding jobs that need finishing, if i were to move this monster it will make the machine unusable for any accurate milling, as you can imagine the feet securing bolts are cemented into the floor and the machine is going to have to be lifted up over the securing bolts, so to save a wee bit of time this is why i asked if anyone had the measurements to the drawbar. best wishes ,,bill


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        The drawbar is 1/2" Whitworth thread and is 15" in length measured to under the head.

        Well that's what I got told on the Yahoo Tom Senior site. I don't have one either and I wanted to replicate the original one for my Senior M1.

        It's still on the to-do list though....


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          Just a thought here- I don't know that machine but I wonder, if you took a piece of threaded rod that is large enough in diameter to fit into the spindle, but with a nut on it large enough to not drop through the spindle- that would be the tightening mechanism. Then the drawbar will thread into a tapped hole you make in this piece of threaded bar. To use, back up the nut all the way on the larger piece, drop it into the spindle, then thread the drawbar into it from the business end, thread on your collet or whatever, then tighten the nut to pull the collet in. If your threaded bar piece is about 6 inches long to start with, it will drop low enough into the spindle that you can thread the drawbar into it by hand from the business end of the spindle, then by continuing to turn the drawbar in with the collet attached, you get to take up most of the play. Then tighten the nut to draw it in fully. That nut can be specially machined to fit the spindle well, so it centers the drawbar as well.
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            thanks for all the reply's ill go for the 15" length and go from there, again thanks, if i can be of any assistance with either tom senior questions or for the harrison L5/6 i have operator manuals for both of these machines and i will gladly pass on the info,



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              roverian can you tell me how to get onto the tom senior site at yahoo, ive tried but to no joy,,,thanks



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                Try this,I've posted some stuff there.