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  • Jaws For Milling Vise

    I have a Pittsburgh brand import milling vise on my Grizzly MD. The jaws are getting a bit buggered up, and I was thinking of making a new set of jaws for it. What material would be best suited? Is your average CRS sufficient? Thanks in advance.
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    I, personally, would use a good quality tool steel. Have it hardened, then ground. The CRS, unless you case harden it, IMO, is going to be too soft.
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      "I, personally, would use a good quality tool steel. Have it hardened, then ground."

      Although I would agree with that, you would probably be just as well off to buy a new vise . It is much the same for making many items these days, it is actually less expensive to just buy a new one.


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        Arbo, i have an extra set of jaws for a Kurt D688, they are yours free if they will fit. I will bring them to Cabin Fever if you think they will work. check it out. The jaws are stained but not damaged.


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          How about some dimensions? Thanks for the offer!
          Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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            If it has replaceable jaws, cold rolled is as good as anything. An advantage of cold rolled over hardened steel is that if you nick it with an end mill, it will not destroy the mill.

            I consider vise jaws as perishable tooling. drill and tap them, or mill them for holding odd shapes. When they get beat up, pitch them and make new ones.
            Jim H.


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              You might consider pre-hardened 4142 ground stock. It machines well, if you don't try to push it, and it would be somewhat more durable than "mild steel."

              MSC sells it.
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                What is there now certainly isn't hardened. It cuts way too easy. (Don't ask how I figured this out.) I appreciate the fact that I didn't commit some kind of unforgivable act by messing up though.
                Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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                  I'll agree with JC. The jaws can be as soft as aluminum.

                  I have used aluminum jaws on my kurt. The jaws were over sized and I pocketed the top out to hold small items, kinda like a small fixture plate in that I would mill below the bottom surface of the part being made and mill into the soft jaws. JRouche
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                    Arbo, the dimensions on the Kurt jaws are approximately 6" long, 1 3/4 height, and 3/4 depth, holes are on 4" ctrs. Again, all measurments are approx. I will bring to Cabin Fever anyway, if you can't use them possibly someone else will need them.


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                      I also have several sets of aluminum jaws. They made some at the shop, so while they were set up, I made a few for myself. Not that setting it up is hard, just made it easy enough for even me. Kind of wish I had done some out of tool steel, so if I needed a good set, I would have them, but hindsight is twenty twenty.
                      David from jax

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                        Thanks again for the offer. They aren't gonna work tho. I am however going to keep my eyes peeled for a used Kurt. I'm not real happy with what I have now.
                        Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)