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OT-any recipes for some ripping red hot chile?

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  • OT-any recipes for some ripping red hot chile?

    I am thinking of browning some meat, throw in couple of cans of kidney beans, can of diced tomatoes, lots of diced jalepenos, lots of cayenne pepper, some garlic, all into a crockpot to slowly cool all day long
    Anyone have any suggestions to add stuff to it?

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    "all into a crockpot to slowly cool all day long"

    You might want to turn the crockpot on.


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      Oh yes, how could I forget onions?


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        Add a can or two of beef or chicken broth,it will have a heartier flavor. James


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          CANNED TOMATOS????

          Use roma tomatos, fresh.
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            Sounds like the "Mild" formula to me.

            Forget the diced tomatos, fresh or not. You need tomato sause. Drop the beans too. REAL chili doesn't have beans. That's just a filler. Add some salt, black pepper, cumin, oregano and optional green peppers. Throw in about 4-5 chopped Pikeen(sp?) peppers to give it the South flavor. Use only about 2-4 chopped Jalapeno peppers.

            Forget the "broth" too. You'll ruin it! Use a couple of beers instead (or wine). Make sure you use a good "chili grind" beef. Hamburger will ruin it too.

            If you want it to be smooth over the tongue THEN errupt into a ball of flame, cut a potatoe into chunks and drop it in too. Remove the potatoes before serving.


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              mushrooms and use flank steak cut thin and about 4 inch strips instead of ground beef. Add the shrooms late. NOW I'm hungry....
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                this'll sound REALLY weird, but slice up some celery. It adds great texture and something about the flavor is nice too.



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                  Hmmm, sounds good, ok, Im going to incorporate everyones opinion. Theres small conflict between broth and beer, so Im gonna throw in 1 can of broth, and 1 bottle of warsteiner(Man that is some damn good beer),onions, some fresh Roma tomatoes, some pikeens? If I can find em, mushrooms, hmm, thin slices of flank steak, and even some celery chunks. I will try that potatoe chunks trick. Gotta go grocery shopping though, cant spend too much, money is better spent on tooling!

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                    Oh yeh, Habernero Tabasco too! think I will use most of my bottle.


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                      NO BEANS!!!

                      Keep it simple

                      Beef, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, lot of garlic, cumin, mexican oregano, and the chilli of your choice. I prefer a blend of ancho and new mexico chilli. Using a milder chilli like the ancho allows you to use a lot more of it. Let the whole thing cook down for at least two days, you'll see a change in the texture. On the last day add in a pint of a good malty ale.

                      Of course I'm going to have to kill you now

                      But NO BEANS!!


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                        Add a small amount of brown sugar. It will help bring out the tomato flavor and accents the peppers.

                        And I had to write down that damn resolution.

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                          I like the beans. Wash them several times to eliminate the indigestible sugars (BBBbbllllaaaatt). My Bear Dog likes hot stuff. It is funny to watch her. I have a favorite hot sauce, Sriracha HOT chili sauce from Huy Fong Foods Inc. Hey, the Chinese do make some quality products. This stuff is almost flourecent red and will peel paint at 50 yards. I dip shrimp in it and feed it to the dog. She gobbles it down and then starts to lick her lips as they go numb, then she begs for more. It's my opinion (and a good friend of mine too) that if it doesn't kill all the parasites in one mouthfull then it isn't doing it's job. I haven't had the flu or a cold in decades.
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                            You call this "Hot Chile" Bah, I say! Nobody here has even mentioned adding "Scotch Bonnets"(better known as Habenero's) while adding Habenero sauce is a decent start, one must add 4-6 "Peppers of Doom" to truly have a Thermonuclear chile. I have an award winning recipe from a local guy - he placed third in a national chile contest with it. I'll see if I can dig it up.


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                              Doc's salsa recipe (southern california)
                              6 pounds tomatos cut into small dices..
                              Can, 22 oz pickled jalepeno peppers. diced. Pour some juice in. ,use peppers less for less heat. (Carrol uses 1/3 can)
                              two bunches scallions (green onions ) diced.
                              1 clove garlic smashed..
                              One large White Onion, diced.
                              3 tablespoons black pepper
                              3 tablespoons salt
                              3 tablespoons Lawrys seasoning salt
                              Combine, all diced vegetables, let set overnight.
                              Use a food processor if you have it, otherwise cut into small pieces.
                              Over chopping will make a mushy salsa.. less will make chunky...
                              I used a french Fry cutter to make some chunky salsa.. without the processor...
                              Makes one gallon salsa.. gets hotter as time goes on..
                              Remember to wash your hands... or you will get a hot surprise... or give one....

                              Like Evan said, this will cure the common cold. This will unstop my head in less than one small bowl full. Too much heat is not Flavor, just pain like being back-fisted in the mouth. Flavor should be tasted as you put it into your mouth, not burped back up and retasted like cheap whiskey.
                              I can't eat habenero peppers, can chew and taste the jalepenos thou. I added some habeneros to this once and ruined the flavor.

                              Chicken or hamburger taco pie, cook chicken in roaster w/taco seasoning, when cooked debone, in alternate layers add salsa, chicken, tortillas and Mex mixed cheeses. Put into oven and bake till cheese all melts. Serve in squares like lasagna.